Blaenavon Workmen’s Hall Cinema with Ferco

Built in 1894 at a cost of £9000, this former Miners Institute is now a fully refurbished cinema and auditorium, with the help of Ferco – a BCFA member. The Hall, which opened in January 1895, is a testament to Blaenavon’s proud social history.

Its creation was funded by the Blaenavon Workmen’s Institute, who collected a weekly deduction of a halfpenny from its members’ wages. For decades the building provided a place for social gathering and self-education and betterment which included a library, reading room, refreshments, committee rooms and a splendid auditorium.

Design Insider Ferco Blaenavon Exterior

Today, the Blaenavon Workmen’s Hall still provides for the community with the cinema, concerts, snooker and table tennis. It is also the home for many groups and societies, and hosts conferences and meetings.

The Committee’s brief was to breathe new life into the cinema room, whilst retaining a nod to the buildings heritage.

Design Insider Ferco Blaenavon Front Seating

The 588 from Ferco’s Paragon range was recommended as it has a low back, sloping armrests and distinctive stitching with a retro feel.

The seats include a small table within the armrest.

Design Insider Ferco Blaenavon Side Seats

Ferco work very closely with Design Insider, telling us their recent fascinating projects – only recently have we written about their Sea World and IBM projects! If you would like to know more about Ferco and the array of seating, why not contact them?

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