NEW: Brintons and Elke’s Composite Collaboration

Collection: Composite

Models: 10 (total 28 designs)

Usage: Carpet and wallcovering

One of the leading global carpet manufacturers Brintons launches the new Composite Collection created in collaboration with Studio Elke, an Australian multi-disciplinary design studio led by founder and Creative Director, Elke Kramer.

Known for its unique jewellery and accessories, Studio Elke is an industry leader in the fashion and design worlds. The studio is respected for its emphasis on pushing the boundaries of originality and its exploration of unique materials, experimental fabrications and new forms.

Studio Elke and Brintons have collaborated to translate the studio’s aesthetic into a suite of customisable carpet designs – and the new venture is Elke Kramer’s first ever carpet collection.

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Design Insider Brintons Elke The Sorceress

“I had written down a list of dream collaborations on a blank piece of paper many years ago, and a carpet collaboration was at the top of that list. When I was approached by Brintons, and invited to partake in their first Australian collaboration, I was thrilled at the opportunity.” – Elke Kramer, founder and Creative Director of Studio Elke.

While jewellery may seem like unlikely muse for a collection of carpets, this pairing successfully pushes the boundaries, adapting Studio Elke’s wearable objects into 2-D surface designs with universal appeal.

Design Insider Brintons Elke Kramer

“With Composite we started by deconstructing and reassembling different visual elements of the Studio Elke jewellery pieces, such as the pattern on a ring band, the texture of our marbled and terrazzo resins, and the colour palettes and metallic tones that run through the 10 years of jewellery collections we had in archive. The biggest challenge was scale – delicate items that could fit in the palm of your hand were being reimagined on entirely new grand scale.” – Elke Kramer, Studio Elke’s founder and Creative Director.

Composite is a collection of wall-to-wall carpet designs that references Studio Elke’s decade-long archive of jewellery collections, translating Elke Kramer’s artistic and cutting-edge designs into large-scale interior surfaces. The Composite Collection is formed of 10 designs: Sorceress and Sorcerer, Ceremonial, Keep Watch, Tassels, Existence, Arches, Musk and Jasper Nucleus, The Thunder Below, Charcoal and Concrete Brutalist, and Power of Symmetry.

Design Insider Brintons Elke Brutalist

“Being restricted to a 2D surface was another challenge, as we had to recreate the forms and 3D depth that we celebrate in jewellery design in a 2D flat context. Brintons designer Jo Woolley really understood the energy of the Studio Elke brand, so we were able to work together seamlessly in translating the textures, patterns, colours and visual themes into carpeting repeats.” – Elke Kramer, Studio Elke’s founder and Creative Director.

Unusual geometries, graphic patterns, and architecture-inspired shapes feature in the collection. The playful influence of materials such as terrazzo, concrete, marble, and mother of pearl are the designer’s trademark and have been cleverly woven into Composite. The collection skilfully marries Studio Elke’s striking materiality and textures, with Brintons’ timeless, premium woven Axminster carpet.


“We began by looking at the structure and geometry of each piece – it was a process of abstracting the shapes and elements, sketching and painting, and trying to capture the essence of the jewellery into large scale repeating patterns. Recreating Studio Elke’s unique use of materials was integral to the collection – translating glittering metallic shine, stone terrazzo and natural marble into carpet was a highlight!” – Jo Woolley, Field Designer at Brintons.

Brintons has an established and extensive history in design and innovation, and it makes for an exciting synergy with Studio Elke’s cutting edge and thoroughly conceptual approach to design and design thinking. Composite captures Brintons’ centuries-long experience in creating and inspiring truly unique designs.

Carpets from the Composite Collection can be seen in a selection of rooms at the Collectionist Hotel in Sydney, as featured in TIME’s ‘World’s Greatest Places 2018’ list of places to stay.

Design Insider Brintons Elke The collectionist hotel

With over 230 years of heritage creating beautiful bespoke woven carpet for some of the world’s most prestigious buildings including Royal palaces, historic houses and luxury hotels, BCFA member Brintons is today the trusted partner of choice for clients looking for expert design input in addition to exceptional quality products. Did you know they won marketing and design awards at the National Flooring Innovation Award Show? You can read about it on Design Insider.

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