How Very Sharp

The Monthly note to BCFA members is usually quite sharp. Here is an excerpt.


I have never felt so moist. In fact I am told this is now a Winter Olympic sport, at some place called Soggi, which is in Russia I believe. Anyway the reality back here in the UK is that the newly established region of the Southern Wetlands is having a heck of a time. As always there have been some daft things happen Click For Daft Thing

But actually, best wishes to anyone affected by the flooding, our thoughts are with you.

Design Insider Live

Yes its live and getting plenty of attention. The great thing is that as the popularity grows and it becomes the place to visit, its only BCFA members that can take advantage by having their posts added

Favourite is the Directors Cut, which is my part, and is of course brilliantly written and packed full of wit and repartee. Ouch, did I just cut myself.

Social Media

Design Insider Live is an excellent route to communicate with the market but so too is the other social media tools, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Make sure you link up to Design Insider and the BCFA to keep up to date with what’s happening. We don’t include trivia such as – “mummy sent me off to work today with a nice sandwich and a Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer”; it is all relevant to you.

Look for the Socialise With Us symbols on the BCFA and Design Insider Live sites or ask for some advice.

Networking Up and Running

Off we go again – with more than 100 booked so far for Glasgow and London heading that way too. Nice venue in Camden by the way. See more here Networking Design Insider Style

Growth in Membership

January has started where 2013 left off with well above average applications. It is good to welcome Gx Glass back as members and also Artemide and Bradbury Fabrics.


Yes here I go again and you will have heard it before – “export is great, we love selling overseas, and can I replace your flag with my Union Jack etc”. But we continue to see huge interest in attending overseas exhibitions and the grant funding available is being snapped up very quickly.

The shows available can be seen here BCFA Supported Exhibitions but please note that all the grants for Decorus in Moscow are gone already. But a few Grants for Index in Dubai in May are still available.  Ask Sue anyway for an update