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Exterior signs provide an important first impression for any company, so that quality, reliability and professionalism can be presented to both clients and visitors. Modulex, a BCFA member, were driven to develop their standard exterior sign products by creating the addition of new illuminated signage by a combination of technological developments and an increase in demand.

Developed in their design headquarters in Billund, Denmark, products “Messenger” and “Compass” both now utilise the LED technology, previously only available on product “Via.” These products offer an extremely even light distribution and low energy usage. This article will explore the different illuminated products Modulex have to offer.



The competitively priced and versatile Messenger series is now available illuminated, allowing clients to mix both illuminated and non-illuminated signage into projects whilst maintaining a professional overall aesthetic and maintaining costs. Details can also be customised giving designers the opportunity to reinforce a brand element or to adapt to a very specific location.



Compass is a flexible post panel system for outdoor signage offering everything from directional to identification signage, elements of which can now be illuminated. Combining these standard products with bespoke exterior signs provides an opportunity for designers to reduce the complexity and consequential costs of a signage project especially when utilising the most suitable materials, manufacturing methods and installation techniques whilst still adhering to local regulations and legislation.



Designed in collaboration with International architecture firm C.F. Moller Design, Via is a flexible system which can be easily adapted for complex wayfinding schemes in healthcare, education, leisure and transit hubs. The Via architectural signage system for exteriors includes monoliths available in width 600 mm and up to 3000 mm height with optional energy saving LED illumination. Illuminated, traditional signage.

DesignInsiderModulexSignThe launch of these new products demonstrates the commitment of Modulex to the development of key standard products whilst constantly exploring new technologies to ensure the delivery of the most creative, sustainable, quality signage and wayfinding products for the architectural community.

Modulex were founded in 1963 by the LEGO group, supporting projects for Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Corporate markets. Their manufacturing complies to the highest environmental regulations in the world, and due to the private ownership they have the financial stability to handle projects of any size. Did you know they launched BIM models for signage, reported on in July?

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