Post Election

At last its over and we can get back to normality, whatever that may be. One thing is certain we will see plenty of action in government circles both with initiatives and rebuilding.



Interesting news is that Nigel said if he failed to become an MP he would be “toast”. He then put the loaf in the freezer to be thawed out in September and now he is back as a part baked baguette. Also look out for lightly buttered Belgian chocolate croissants.

What Now

For industry one of the main barriers to progress has been uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the market. Post-election we are exhausted with the political rhetoric and as the stage is set to move forward with more confidence, that’s what we need to do. We are here, as always, to help you with that process.

Sajid Javid MP is now Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills replacing Vince Cable. The full list of Government Appointments is here

Your MP can help

Our Parliamentary lobby group via the BFC is now being constructed to take account of changes in MP’s. We normally have about 20 MP’s who have businesses in their constituency within the furnishings industry. If you’re local MP is active and could help us then please let me know and I will arrange an invitation for them to join the group.

Kind regards