The Creative Space: Amy Pears, Designer at Johnson Tiles

Amy Pears, designer for Johnson Tiles tells us about where she gets her inspiration from and an interior that recently made an impact on her. 

Amy has worked for Johnson Tiles for over 7 years so she has wonderful experience with designing surfaces and draws inspiration from all over. But we wanted to know where she has been inspired recently…

So Amy, Where have you felt inspired recently and why?

As a designer at Johnson Tiles, I have the opportunity to work on all kinds of creative projects covering both residential and commercial spaces.

When approaching a new design, I draw inspiration from current trends, which I keep track of by visiting industry events and social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest – I’m an avid design lover, and never really switch off!BNF_037 webOne particular project that I’ve recently found inspiring is the Norton Farm development by Barratt Homes in the West Midlands, which uses Johnson Tiles’ Antique range in Chestnut.

The use of the wood-effect tiles on the floor, set against the copper accessorises, creates a warm, inviting glow. I love this mix of textures from the rough floor to the smooth, polished accents. 

Reflecting current interior trends, the richness of the wood-effect pattern creates a striking and stylish setting, which includes a mirrored wall and complementary furnishings.BNF_036 webThe overall look is ‘modern contemporary’ with a classic twist, making it timeless yet on-trend while all the while being impactful.

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