The Creative Space: Gemma Allman, MD at Decca

Spring is upon us and what a time to find inspiration. We continue our series looking into places that the design community find the most inspiring…Gemma web

Colours have always been a great source of inspiration and today we look at Decca’s own, Gemma Allman’s creative space.

So Gemma, What colourful place have found inspiring recently? 

I find the Coral Room at the Bloomsbury Hotel, London very inspiring. The bright colours and strong design – the contrast of blue ikat and vibrant coral, both colours and patterns used by the artists of the Bloomsbury set in their own homes.

I particularly love this look, the slightly slapdash use of colour, the sense of freedom and in particular of women taking their liberty for themselves.

I can imagine Vanessa Bell “Oranges & Lemons” in a corner of the bar, with accolytes like myself trying to sip a flute of champagne at the bar whilst trying to listen in!

It is both a city and a country look, with flowers and fruitfulness, which ties in perfectly with the Lutyens architecture, a man of grand vision and comfy country living.

oranges & lemons webVanessa Bell ‘Oranges & Lemons’, 1914


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