The Creative Space: Jason Anthony, Founder and Designer at Jason Anthony Bespoke Design

This month we are looking at the versatile material that is wood. Jason Anthony Bespoke Design was founded by Jason Anthony himself. He is an independent, artisan craftsman who specialises in pieces made from an eclectic mix of seasoned wood and resin. 

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Continuing our series, ‘The Creative Space’, we speak to Jason about where he found his inspiration for his most recent creations, these stunning wooden coffee tables, known as The Ocean Collection.

Having always had an interest in woodworking and having a creative mind, in 2013 he turned his hobby and passion into a full-time business crafting furniture and pieces of art.

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So Jason, can you tell us about the place that inspired you to create your Ocean Collection?

I am lucky enough to live and have a workshop in the New Forest, a national park in Hampshire, I am also a short drive from the south coast. I am so fortunate to be located in this beautiful part of the country and have such amazing array of natural beauty on my doorstep to inspire me. From the tranquillity of the New Forest, with its wonderful array of flora, forna and quaint villages, to the rugged coastline and ferocious seas of the Jurassic coast, a UNESCO world heritage site that stretches from Orcombe Point in East Devon and Studland Bay in Dorset.

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Growing up as a child in the area I have always been struck by the natural beauty of the rugged Jurassic coast, and I love nothing more than wrapping up warm in the winter and going for a walk along the coast. As a child my father would always wake us at 4AM after a big storm to travel to the Jurassic coast around Charmouth so we could be the first on the beach at the crack of dawn to seek the new rocks that had been washed up in the storm and hopefully find the ones that contained fossils.

Being wrapped up all snug and with the fresh cold sea air, it really does clear the fog and allow the creative juices to flow.

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On a recent visit to Durdle Door, a beautiful spot along the Jurassic coast just outside Poole in Dorset, I was looking for inspiration when I happened upon some drift wood on the shore with the waves lapping against it. It reminded me of the rugged cliffs and the sea crashing against them. I was struck by this image and wanted to reflect this in a piece of furniture.

How have you used this inspiration to inform your Ocean Collection? 

My latest Ocean Collection of coffee tables was the result of my inspiration from my visit to Durdle Door.

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I went on the search in various saw mills to find some beautiful pieces of English Oak with just the right character that I felt reflected the Jurassic Coast. I crafted several pieces into sections of cliffs with the natural beauty and character of the oak with all its faults reflecting the ruggedness of the cliffs.

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