The Creative Space: Louise Duggan, MD at Ophelia Art Consultancy

An inspiring space. Ophelia Art Consultancy web

Continuing our focus on Dubai this month, I have another place in this awe-inspiring city that has got Louise Duggan’s – the managing director of Ophelia Art Consultancy, creative juices flowing.

So Louise, where in Dubai is your Creative Space?

We recently won the contract to supply the artwork package for the luxury Palazzo Versace hotel, in Dubai.

It was the transformation of the space that was the most inspiring thing about it. When we started working on the project when it was a dusty building site, we had to duck under scaffolding and had to rely on our ability to visualise the hotel from the shell and core.Ophelia Art Consultancy 2 webWe watched the whole hotel taking shape. We slowly saw all the beautiful finishes go in such as the mosaic floor, thick pile carpets and light fittings finished off by the artwork we supplied, beautifully framed using Arqadia mouldings in rich golden hues, complementing the overall luxurious space.

The artwork images came from the Versace archive, so it was amazing to be able to look through them, print them and work with them.Ophelia Art Consultancy 3 webFor such a busy space the hotel has a surprisingly calm feel to it. It is glamourous but serene. I feel inspired when I’m in the space, inspired by how beautifully put together the whole space is and also by how lucky I was to be involved.Ophelia Art Consultancy 1 web

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