The Creative Space: Rosanna Campbell, Head of Product & Creative Development, Newmor

Nestled in Whitworth Park and part of the Univeristy of Manchester, Whitworth Art Gallery contains over 55,000 items in it’s collection. Recently reopened after a £15 million redevelopment, it is the location of our latest Creative Space. We spoke to Rosanna Campbell, Head of Product & Creative Developement for Newmor to find out why she chose Whitworth Art Gallery.


Could you tell us more about your role at Newmor?

As Head of Product & Creative Development my role is to be aware of the market trends and make sure that our product offer fits into these trends, is new and innovative while still being commercial.


What is the history of your relationship with the gallery?

I’m born and bred in Manchester, so I’ve been visiting the Whitworth Gallery for as long as I can remember. From primary school day trips to working there part-time through college. I’ve always found the exhibitions really interesting and inspirational

I think, in general, it was a key factor in me choosing a textile degree and then becoming a wallpaper designer.  I remember, as a small child, going and seeing a beautiful kimono in one of the glass cases with really lovely embroidery it was extremely ornate with an amazing amount of detail and strong vivid colours but was clearly an old and delicate piece I felt really inspired and amazed that it had been preserved for so many years.

I take my children there quite regularly as they’ve always got nice little craft activities and workshops. It has a warm and engaging atmosphere with large open spaces inside and out there’s a lot to explore.

They recently remodelled the gallery and it’s a beautiful space now, absolutely stunning with a seemless connection to the outside space where there is more artwork to be found.

Newmor-Q&A-RosieCORREECTWithin the gallery, do you have a particular your creative space?

There’s a space with a seating area where it’s all glass panels. You can just sit, see the view into Whitworth Park and watch the world go by it’s very relaxing. 


What do you take from it as a creative space? Do you find that it’s energizing and interesting, or could you sit there and do some work?

For as long as I can remember I have always loved creating and had an interest in colour and pattern so visiting the Whitworth now is still inspirational but is also a welcome bit of time out of my hectic day to day life where I can have time to think and reflect in a creative environment full of stunning pieces.


At Newmor, can you see any influences from that inspiration that you found there?

At the Wallpaper Exhibition in 2016 it was amazing to see how relevant old wallpapers remain, there were geometrics patterns which are still on trend now. This reflects the new collection that I’ve just completed for Newmor. The Ellipse and Manhattan wallcoverings are simple geometric metallic prints. There were a lot of that type of design at the exhibition, so it’s quite interesting to see how little has actually changed over the years in wallpaper design and how timeless elegance and great design endures!


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