About Us

Supplier Finder assists interior designers in sourcing trusted, accredited commercial suppliers with confidence!

Supplier Finder, a platform by Commercial Interiors UK in partnership with Design Insider, connects you with accredited suppliers in the commercial interior sector, blending expert sourcing with insightful media perspectives.

Our Mission: Streamlined Sourcing for Excellence

At Supplier Finder, our goal is to provide a seamless, trustworthy avenue for sourcing commercial interior furnishings. Partnering with Commercial Interiors UK, we ensure all suppliers on our platform meet the highest standards of quality and accreditation.

Innovative Search Filters: Tailoring Your Search

Our platform is equipped with three filters – A-Z, Market Sectors, and Product Categories. This allows you to customize your search based on specific project requirements, ensuring you find the right match for your design needs.

Partnership with Design Insider: Insights and Trends

In collaboration with our media partner Design Insider, we offer a wealth of editorial content. Stay informed and inspired with the latest trends and innovations in commercial interior design, enhancing your sourcing journey.

A Community of Professionals: Beyond a Directory

Supplier Finder is a dynamic community where professionals in commercial interiors connect. We cater to all commercial settings, from workplace and hospitality to care, education, and cruise interiors, ensuring diversity and specialisation.

Your Destination for Commercial Interior Furnishings

Explore our platform to connect with leading suppliers and discover innovative products. Supplier Finder is your gateway to effortless and confident sourcing for your next project.

Embrace the Future of Commercial Interior Sourcing

Join us at Supplier Finder, where quality, creativity, and connectivity come together to redefine the sourcing experience in the world of commercial interiors.