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For a taster of the variety and depth of our content we hope you enjoy this selection of articles: 

Knowledge – In this knowledge based article we address how Crystal River Cruises has reimagined the concept of luxury hospitality.   Click here

Product – Newmor selected Design Insider to announce their new collection of contract quality designs ‘Blooming Marvellous.’  Click here

Project – Boss Design collaborated with Vidak to provide office pods at an exciting co-working space at Smales Farm on Auckland’s North Shore.  Click here

Trends – Alys Bryan visited London Design Festival 2019 and shared her insights in to new and emerging trends.  Click here

Designers – We take a look at the loves and hates of interior designers and architects in our popular ONE series, learn more about Pippa Nissen, Director at Nissen Richards Studio. Click here

Sketch Series – At London Design Festival we invited Terence Woodgate, the hugely established industrial designer, to be part of our Sketch Series.  Click here

Voice – We were overwhelmed by the response to our question ‘What does British design look like?’ This was certainly a topic that our BCFA members and readers felt passionate about!  Click here

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Design Insider Authors

Alys Bryan


Alys’ experience as a furniture designer, along with her in-depth marketing knowledge, makes her uniquely placed to work with the BCFA as the Editor of Design Insider and run her marketing business, Method Communications.

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Phoebe Train


Phoebe is a Marketing and Events Executive, who joined the BCFA as an English graduate in 2021. Working closely with designers and BCFA members, Phoebe has published an array of content for Design Insider.