2 Very different projects from Axminster Carpets

Axminster Carpets has been manufacturing beautiful Britch carpets since the mid 1700’s and therefore we associate them with classic, heritage designs. However, even though they obviously do offer these sorts of woven delights, they are also experts in innovating contemporary classics too. 

Axminster have been part of 2 very contrasting projects recently and to showcase their versatility we wanted to tell you about them…

The Brasserie Blanc, BournemouthBrasserie Blanc - Bournemouth

The prestigious Highcliffe Marriot Hotel’s restaurant received a luxurious new custom-woven carpet, that seemlessly slipped into it’s Art Deco surroundings.

The decor of Brasserie Blanc beautifully merges its signature historically respectful look, but with a modern and causal atmosphere. Brasserie Blanc - BournemouthAxminster created a stunning monochrome striped carpet, that mirrors the vibrant and comfortable dining area.

Englefield HouseEV11-043 web

You may recognise this property from the popular Netflix-original drama ‘The Crown’. The Drawing room of this property needed it’s carpet replaced and in order to keep the grand, historic integrity of the building, they wanted a stitch-by-stitch reproduction of the original design.

Axminster took 2 months to delicately replicate the traditional design and Gary Bridge, Design Director at Axminster relied on traditional craft techniques complete this one-of-a-kind installation.

Gary first hand-sketched every deatil of the hand-knotted orginal carpet and commented to say;

“Before computers, many carpets were hand-knotted and at Axminster we’re passionate about design discrepancies that come with the free-style of being hand-made”

Although today’s carpet-making techniques are more advanced, the pencil illustration was translated to the computer by hand to retain the origin of the hand-knotted carpet. Before weaving commenced at the factory in Axminster, the carpet was sampled for accurate colours, finishes and weaves.EV11-040 webPeter Carson, House & Events Manager at Englefield  House said;

“Partnering with a true British brand to replicate a piece of English history has been a very rewarding journey.  The carpet has revitalised the Drawing Room and we’re looking forward to welcoming guests in to the house and watching their reactions”.

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