50 New Paint Colours by Sanderson

This month we’re taking a closer look into Paint and how it is used to elevate a an interior space. Perfect timing for Sanderson, part of Style Library Contract to enhance their paint offering…

It all started in 1900 when Arthur Sanderson decided to start a small paint collection to complement his wallpapers and farbics, over 118 years later, Sanderson have 154 colours to choose from!Sanderson_Paint_March18_64_Bathroom_Moodboard webSanderson’s craft is so important to them and their paint options range from traditional to contemporary finishes that are all tinted in-house. This launch sees the an amazing 50 new colours to choose from.

Design Manager at Sanderson Studio, Rebecca Craig says;

โ€œWe have updated our colour range and added 50 new shades to complement our most recent collections and hero designs. The colours were all mixed and painted by hand in the studio allowing us to create our own unique palette. Key changes include freshening up the yellows and greens to link in with our Botanical ranges, adding in a selection of greys and teal shades, more coastal blues and sophisticated floral shades. This range offers something for every space from modern brights through to chalky mineral shades, inspired by nature.โ€

Sanderson_Paint_March18_59_Bathroom_Main_NewbyGreen webThe Finishes

  • Sanderson Active Emulsion – This high performance finish is perfect for those tough-love areas and offers a classic matt appearance.
  • Sanderson Water-based Eggshell – Hard-wearing and has a low sheen finish, perfect for interior and exterior woodwork and primed metals.
  • Sanderson Oil-based Eggshell – Resistant to steam and condensation, perfect for woodwork and suitably primed metal inside and out.

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