A new era in the luxurious legacy of the Söl’ring Hof with JOI-Design

JOI-Design heralds a new era in the luxurious legacy of the Söl’ring Hof, the five-star hotel and two-Michelin-starred restaurant tucked away on Sylt, the remote North Sea island known as ‘The Hamptons of Germany’.

Salty sea air, endless sandy beaches and sounds of waves set the mood for an island hideaway, while strolls along the coastline reveal the vastness of the sea and invite holidaymakers to retreat into a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Embodying the charm of an exclusive and private holiday home, the boutique inn Söl’ring Hof draws inspiration from its pristine natural surrounds to create a warm welcome for guests. Another highlight is the hotel’s self-titled restaurant awarded two Michelin stars for chef Jan-Philipp Berner’s imaginative transformation of regional and seasonal ingredients into diverse culinary experiences. 

When commissioning JOI-Design to renovate the renowned ‘hotel on the dune’, it was essential to operator Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection that its soul would remain evident to guests. Over several years, numerous loyal guests enthusiastically followed the trajectory of the revitalisation each time they returned ‘home’ to the Söl’ring Hof.

Embarking on a seaside journey

The transformation of the thatched-roof inn shines from the moment of entry.

Inside the lobby vestibule is a bespoke, gracefully rounded reception desk whose shell-like glossy finish hints at the shimmering sea in a nod to the natural surrounds. To the left, a free-standing swing beckons guests to enjoy a light-hearted moment of peace after an eventful day at the beach—while also deciding which wine to select from the adjacent refrigerated case. 

Culinary and literary delights

The newly designed ‘JP’s Living Room’ is named after the destination’s acclaimed chef. Filled with the easy cosiness of home, the relaxed dining lounge enjoys comfortable upholstered chairs and sofas in natural fabrics and a fireplace where guests can immerse themselves in a holiday read from the curated library or exchange ideas with fellow travellers over a warming drink.

Adding nostalgia is a cluster of black and white photos specially selected by the hotel, including images of the Söl’ring farm and garden where regional vegetables are grown for the restaurant. Saturated blue walls emphasise the maritime feel. The high-quality rippled porcelain ‘petals’ of the pendant lights suggest mushroom or oyster gills and, alongside signature porcelain tableware, honour the venue’s Michelin-starred cuisine. The excellent quality in each detail sets every gourmand’s heart aflutter.

JP’s Living Room is primarily intended for lunchtime diners; however, it is also used in the evening if the main restaurant needs to expand with additional seating. In order not to lose the space’s cosiness and charm, the upholstered armchairs have height-adjustable seats so they can be used whatever time of day without sacrificing comfort.

Rest well, relax deeply

The calming spa and salon invite guests to chill out in quiet, discreet luxury.

The space’s design highlights are its intricately woven lounge chairs and tinted round mirror which enhance the sense of special indulgence and self-care.

The journey continues

The Söl’ring Hof’s 15 guest rooms and suites are currently being modernised with an exceptional new design pairing maritime elements with residential comforts ready for or new and returning guests to discover when next visiting their exquisite and highly personal holiday home on Sylt.

Epicurean Treasure

Guests wishing to check out the Söl’ring Hof’s transformation thus far are invited to visit the fine-dining restaurant for exquisite cuisine, the sounds of the sea and pure relaxation.


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