HIX2023: A Room With a Point of View

HIX 2023 is just around the corner, scheduled for November 16 & 17 in the bustling heart of London’s design community at the Business Design Centre. This eagerly awaited event promises two days filled with exhibitions, installations, discussions, and parties, making it a significant milestone as Europe’s only hotel design expo.

16 & 17 November 2023 at London’s Business Design Centre – Register here!

Excitement is building in the commercial design world as HIX 2023 unfolds with a line up of events celebrating the latest hotel interior experiences. Guided by this year’s theme, ‘a room with a point of view,’ the event aims to showcase voices, concepts, and values set to define the next chapter of hospitality design. Founding partner Commercial Interiors UK and media partner Design Insider are proud to contribute to the event’s success, adding our industry expertise to the celebration. 

At the heart of HIX 2023 lies a compelling concept: a Room with a Point of View. This theme encapsulates the essence of what HIX 2023 aims to achieve – a focus on people, perspectives, and progress in hotel design. This edition places special emphasis on the unique viewpoints that will shape the guest experiences of tomorrow. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a platform for individuals, projects, and voices that contribute to making hotels extraordinary. 

As the doors swing open to HIX 2023, visitors can expect an immersive experience that goes beyond the surface. Commercial interior suppliers will take centre stage, unveiling new products and insights that define the commercial landscape. Design Insider Talks instigates conversations with the people who lead in our sector, we are thrilled to be taking the stage, as part of the HIX Talks programme, as moderators of two crucial conversations. HIX 2023 is more than an event; it’s a convergence of ideas, a nexus of creativity, and a testament to the limitless possibilities within the world of hospitality design.

Design Insider Talks

Design Insider is delighted to once again partner with HIX Talks to moderate key conversations within their outstanding programme.

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Room With a Point of View: Unfinished Works.  Thursday 16th Nov – 15:00 – 15:45

Piotr Kalinowski in conversation with Design Insider Editor, Alys Bryan. Exploring their immersive HIX installation and the concepts that inspired it, MIXD looks five years into the future to ask what the future of hotel design holds. Drawing from experience, failure and success alike, Piotr addresses the changing face and values of luxury hospitality form and function.

Adaptive Reuse. Friday 17th Nov – 12:00 – 12:45

Design Insider Editor, Alys Bryan, moderates this in depth conversation with prominent industry leaders. With reports predicting that 90% of future developments will be conversions of existing buildings, all eyes are on the architects to balance historic form and contemporary function. Hear how some of the biggest adaptive reuse projects in the country were achieved, and discover what hospitality projects of the future can learn from buildings of the past.


Sebastian Ricard, Director, WilkinsonEyre

Ryan Butterfield, Associate Director, David Chipperfield Architects

James Twomey, Board Director, Reardonsmith

HIX Talks

HIX Talks is a two day series of panels, presentations and keynotes exploring the future of hotel design. Guided by this year’s theme ‘a room with a point of view’, the agenda for 2023 focuses on people, perspectives and progress, answering the big hotel design questions with actionable advice to take into your next project.

What’s next for inclusive design? How can hyperlocal hospitality positively impact local communities? What can hotels of the future learn from buildings of the past? Click here

Studio Confidential: Tristan Auer

Go behind the scenes with one of Europe’s top design studios as acclaimed designer Tristan Auer and Managing Director Gaelle Rioualen discuss the ins and outs of running a world-leading practice. In line with the Festival of Hospitality theme ‘If:and:or:else’ exploring the power of design and operational choices, we get under the skin of what drives their decision making process and how this inspires and impacts their team, studio and projects.

Keynote: Johannes Torpe

From NASA nightclubs and immersive dining experiences to sensory retail solutions for high-end brands, Johannes Torpe is a champion of unconventional design thinking. Hear the inside story of his design POV and how he applies this to major projects worldwide as part of this engaging keynote.

Rooms with a point of view

Two studios. Two immersive hospitality experiences. Two visions of hotel design’s future. HIX has partnered with London’s Blacksheep and Wroclaws’ MIXD to create a pair of innovative room sets that explore the issues and opportunities of tomorrow’s hotel spaces. Join the designers at their respective on-stage interviews and hear the inside story of how they were brought to life.

Inclusive Design

Hotels have traditionally operated along highly segmented and distinct lines of price point, experience and a degree of exclusivity, but the inclusive design movement wants to change this and usher in a new wave of ultra-accessible and democratised hospitality spaces. What will this mean for hotel design and industry culture at large?

Speakers: Tarek Merlin, Co-founder & Director, Feix&Merlin. Lorraine Copes, CEO and Founder, Beinclusive Hospitality. Alexander Matthams, Senior Inclusive Design Consultant, Buro Happold

Hyperlocal Hospitality

As hotels come to occupy increasingly close-knit communities, designers and operators are being asked to connect big brands with small locales. How can hospitality projects positively impact the locales they serve and contribute to a more responsible form of tourism?

Speakers: Marie Soliman-Berglund, Founder & Creative Director, Bergman Interiors. Jonathan Ashmore, Founding Principal, Anarchitect. Veerle Donders, Director of Brand & Concept, Zoku. Henry Reeve, Director of Interior Design, Intercontinental Hotels Group

Risk / Reward

Fortune favours the bold, but what’s the reality of bringing an innovate hotel concept to the market? This specialist investment and development POV session in collaboration with The Annual Hotel Conference weighs in on a slate of new hospitality concepts and asks what the smart money is on for hotel design’s next chapter.

Speakers: Tina Yu, Principal – KSL Capital Partners. Stuart Godwin, Managing Director, Lamington Group / Room2 Hometels. Harry Harris, Managing Director, SUSD London


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