Advice for your Framing/Moulding needs from Larson-Juhl

Jonathan Burrage, managing director of Larson-Juhl UK, answers a few key questions about the importance of framing artwork for you interior schemes.

Beautifully framed artwork can make an important contribution to a room, whether making a bold statement about the whole space or simply enhancing an overall scheme. Larson-Juhl is Britain’s leading supplier of picture frames and mouldings and we thought we’d go to them for some expert advice…

Answers form Larson-Juhl’s MD, Jonathan Burrage.


Why is it important to select the right frame/moulding with your chosen artwork?

The framing of artwork is a crucial step that hugely impacts the way a piece of art is viewed. A frame can either enhance or completely destroy a piece of artwork. These possible ramifications demonstrate the high importance of carefully selecting a frame, as well as the artwork!

When looking at framing options, there are multiple aspects to consider in order to ensure the piece is framed appropriately. Things to take into account are the type of artwork, for example, contemporary or traditional, the size of the artwork and the colour. It is key that you use the artwork and style as your guide when framing. Another point to take into consideration is that, with most prints, it is advisable to add a mount to a piece.What is best practice when selecting a frame?

It is important to remember that there are no rules within framing, only guidance. But ultimately, it is up to you to choose a frame that you believe best presents the work and complements the interior design. Some ways in which you can ensure you select the most beneficial frame for the art is by focusing on the three Ps: presentation, proportion and professionalism.

“You can ensure you select the most beneficial frame for the art is by focusing on the three Ps: Presentation, Proportion and Professionalism.”

Presentation is key in the framing process, as colour choices play a huge part in how good a piece of artwork looks when framed. Proportion is of equal importance, as an incorrect proportion can make a piece of work look inadequate or oversized. Similarly, professionalism will ensure you get the most informed help when choosing the frame, so be sure to trust the framer’s opinions during the process.torre collection by arqadia featWhat trends are you seeing crop up in the framing sector?

According to furniture designer Alys Bryan, the most prominent trends so far this year are Art Deco, Natural and Maximalist, all of which are becoming increasingly popular within home, hospitality and workplace settings. One that we at Arqadia are particularly happy to see in 2018 is the Natural trend.

Alys states that this trend stems from our innate attraction to nature and natural processes, known as Biophilia. When framing artwork within a natural scheme, Larson-Juhl’s newly launched TouchWood Unique Mouldings Collection is available in several species’ timbers including American Walnut & Oak, which is ideal for designers who are increasingly seeking natural finishes. There is also the Larson-Juhl Carbon Collection (Pictured at the top) with its dramatic effect; this natural timber has a scorched finish which incorporates a natural material, unique texture and a bold finish.

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