All Star Lanes, Westfield White City

Westfield White City’s popular bowling alley has been refurbished in an all american inspired bar, diner and ten-pin gaming hall. Visitors to ‘All Star Lanes’ are now transported into a glamorous, art deco 1930s American interior scheme. 

Designers Fusion by Design – an award-winning design firm – chose Egger to supply the surface Torano Marble for this interior.It is so well suited to the All Star Lanes’ boutique interior as it has authentic look and feel that complements the classic green leather seating, velvet furnishings and brass accents.All Star Lanes 4 webA striking focus point

Egger’s finish has been used for the bar’s panelling creating a striking focus point, and is also featured on the back counters and on a feature wall. Torano Marble is perfect for these high-demand areas as its very durable and therefor cost-effective. All Star Lanes 2 webFusion by Design, said;

“EGGER’s Torano Marble helped us to achieve the luxurious interior that All Star Lanes were looking for. Not only did it provide us with a cost effective way of still being able to provide an upmarket marble look, but we were also able to use the surface creatively to create a unique and eye-catching finish.”

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