Beautiful Bespoke Banquettes, Booths, Benches and Beyond!

Upon receiving an invitation from Inside Out Contracts to peruse their collection of past bespoke designs, we were thrilled! It was like looking through a friend’s wardrobe to discover a range of sparkly new designs with a hint of colour and textiles. As the mind wanders, it’s easy to envision ‘what kind of venue had seating like that’.

There was a great range of design options to choose from, with stunning project photography showcasing completed works.

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Are you refurbishing a restaurant and/or putting together your space plan? If that’s the case, conducting research and seeking inspiration can be extremely helpful.

We have pulled five examples showcasing how you can incorporate banquette seating or benches.


Bespoke Circular Seating as a Centrepiece 

This example is from Stephens Green Hotel and is a stunning example of a bold central round feature piece which works perfectly in this waiting area, alongside the adjacent J shape banquette seating. 

The luxury theatre red velvet has a deep button finish and a dark wood stained plinth to create the full drama required to be the centre of attention. 

Bespoke Semi-circle Booths Along a Straight Wall

Swift uses these divine bespoke semi-circle booths to create intimate and luxurious space. These booths are characterised by dark walls, dark wood and deep red leather, situated in low-level lighting, creating a perfect ambiance for a cocktail night.

Straight Central Banquette Seating To Divide a Room

In this example, M Restaurants use straight banquette seating to divide the room, which optimises this long area for formal dining. The classic, elegant and unadorned appearance of the banquette is ideal for the space as it adds a touch of sophistication and transforms the area seamlessly.

¾ Circle Booth for a Corner 

Highlighted at the Terrace by L’Opera is a remarkable corner booth that offers an experience of opulent comfort and intimacy within a tropical haven situated in West London.

This corner booth is a perfect spot for those who seek privacy and relaxation while relishing delicious food and drinks. The setting is warm and inviting, decorated with tropical plants.

Booth Seating Along a Straight Wall 

Who says classics have to be boring? Take a cue from Butlins and shake up your seating game with a sleek and sophisticated booth that’s sure to impress. As demonstrated by Butlins, Inside Out Contracts helped them accomplish this by designing a fun egg-shaped booth. Embrace creativity when considering custom seating to elevate your space.

Banquette seating is an incredibly versatile seating option that can effectively fit into a variety of spaces. It can be utilised in straight walls, corners, open spaces, and even in smaller areas. Furthermore, it’s possible to customise the seating’s aesthetic to match the clients’ personality by selecting appropriate shapes, textiles, and finishes.

Top Tip: Inside Out Contracts have a great tool you can use to try to capture the finish, colour and look for banquette seating.  Visit their Banquette Seating Page and try the customisation tool to see if you can create your perfect combination. 

Do you have a bespoke seating dilemma or design challenge?  At Inside Out Contracts, the in-house design team takes pride in delivering exceptional bespoke furniture design services to help offer solutions to space challenges.

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