NEW: Beauty Inspired Wilton Mosque Collection

Collection: Mosque

Usage: Hard Wearing

Carpet Range: Axminster

Inspired by the beauty, architecture and features of mosques, Wilton Carpets has launched the Mosque Collection, expressive carpet designs created especially for these religious buildings.

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Design Insider Wilton Carpets Blue Carpet

From symbolic motifs and traditional designs, to modern interpretations and beautiful small-scale and large-scale repeating geometrics, The Mosque Collection offers a comprehensive array of styles suitable for use in mosques.

Created by Wilton’s UK design team to provide beautiful carpet for mussallas, as well as surrounding corridors, entrances, meeting rooms and offices; the collection catalogues patterns proven effective in the layout of these buildings.

Design Insider Wilton Carpets Blue Detail

Presented in a brochure now available from Wilton Carpets, the Mosque Collection delivers the excellent value of the manufacturer’s famed British wool-rich woven axminster construction.

Providing a floor that’s easy to clean and stays looking good, a wool-rich blend is ideal for the demands of mosques, with the woven axminster construction adding longevity and precise pattern reproduction.  Woven on state-of-the-art looms in Wilton, Wiltshire, carpets in the Mosque Collection are available in a range of qualities, so that the right level of durability can be found for any requirement.

Design Insider Wilton Carpets Blue Carpet Floor

All designs within the collection can be colour-matched through Wilton’s custom-dye service, or mosques can take advantage of three permanently loomed colour palettes for a unique design in keeping with the ambience of the building.

With a long, proven record in providing carpet for mosques, Wilton Carpets is experienced in working with leaderships to achieve an attractive, durable and easy to look after flooring solution.

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