Beyond Ordinary: Transforming Hotels with Newmor’s Custom Capabilities

In a competitive international market, commercial interior designers are continually tasked to create unique and immersive hospitality spaces. As the largest visible surface area, wallcoverings can change the whole ambience of a space, creating bespoke interiors for guests to enjoy. We caught up with David Johnston, MD at Newmor, UK’s independent commercial wallcovering manufacturer, to hear how they are making custom design accessible for even smaller projects.

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Newmor’s wet studio

“We recognise that designers want to create bespoke designs so have developed a sampling service which allows them to develop and specify bespoke commercial vinyl wallcoverings with confidence”. David Johnston

Like most major wallcovering manufacturers, Newmor has invested in digital print. But what makes them unique, is a pioneering wet studio where they can produce production quality custom samples of their textured vinyl wallcoverings – this is a gamechanger.

Newmor Production – textured vinyl sample,

Newmor Production – digital print

David Johnston explains:

“Our wet studio acts as a conduit between our design studio and production facility, all located under one roof here in the UK. We originally created our wet studio to support our design development process but have expanded it to offer this service to our clients. As a business we want to provide our clients with the tools to be creative, but with a service structure in place so they can specify custom design with confidence. I’m not aware of any other manufacturer who can provide designers with production quality textured vinyl A4 custom samples within 2 weeks, and best of all we can accommodate smaller projects”.

Designers will often specify a mix of digital and traditionally manufactured vinyl wallcoverings in a hospitality project. Newmor’s centralised capabilities allows their studio to support designers to create the perfect mix. Their digital design library has hundreds of designs that can be recoloured and/or rescaled and printed onto a choice of textures. Newmor can also rescale and recolour any of their stocked ranges or create something totally unique to their clients brief.  Newmor’s wet studio holds over 50 mini embosses of their most popular textures, these are direct replicas of the larger embosses they use in production (of which they have well over a hundred).

David Johnston

David Johnston said:

“We are renowned for the durability of our wallcoverings, handling everyday scuffs in busy hotels with ease. I believe we’re the only manufacturer to tint our vinyl to match the design being printed. So, if someone were to cut the surface, our tinted vinyl would disguise the damage, rather than drawing attention to it by revealing the white base that most manufacturers print on. It’s this level of inherent detail we build into every stage of our design and production process that sets us apart in the market. And it is this same philosophy we have applied to our custom design and sampling service”.

Newmor Design Studio

For Design Insider, it’s reassuring to witness this level of expertise within UK manufacturing. As a CIUK member, Newmor champion UK manufacturing internationally. Their custom capabilities have been developed to best serve interior designers wanting to specify bespoke wallcoverings. Newmor seamlessly connect their inhouse design studio, proofing operation (with a mini emboss library), to produce strike offs for approval, even for small runs. Thus, reducing the overall carbon footprint within their design and manufacturing process, and of course in the delivery to UK projects. We will be catching up with David over the next few weeks as part of our international campaign, so watch this space.

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