B:HIVE Smales Farm with Boss Design

We continue our focus on workplace design with Boss Design’s recent collaboration with Vidak, their exclusive dealer in New Zealand, to provide office pods at an exciting co-working space at Smales Farm on Auckland’s North Shore.


The B:HIVE is a brand new office-leasing development that brings together a community of smart businesses, including tech start-ups, creatives and entrepreneurs, as well as larger corporate tenants, all under one roof. The 11,000 sq metre, five-level, premium quality office building has been inspired by trends of employee wellbeing and urban design.

Offering the versatility and flexibility required by such a space, Boss Design’s Aspect Pods were specified by Vidak for the private meeting and work areas. Twenty Aspect 3 and eight Aspect 4 Pods were chosen for the B:HIVE, each offering a meeting space for four or more people. The Pods were fully fitted out with power and data outlets, a writeable glass wall for workshopping, as well as a mounted online room booking tablet linked to B:HIVE’s system, to provide hassle free booking of each Pod.


Each Pod was fully customised with striking graphic manifestations, each themed around different music album artwork, giving each Pod its own personality.  This was complemented by grey upholstered interior panels, strand board outer panel finishes and a stunning black frame, fitting seamlessly into the industrial aesthetic of the building’s interior.

Aspect is a range of fully enclosed, 37dB acoustically rated meeting and work Pods, offering the perfect area for collaborative meetings and private interaction. Boss Design’s Pods can be repositioned around the office at short notice and offer a cost-effective and contemporary
alternative to the fixed partitioning required for traditional formal meeting rooms.


As well as various customisation and branding options, built in airflow and several power and data options, Aspect offers a simple, but innovative lighting control, Select the Weather. STW uses the latest LED control technologies and Human Centric lighting. With four pre-set scenes – Calm Down, Energise, Concentrate and Stay Alert – the user has the ability to control the lighting in place, improving concentration and efficiency. The natural circadian rhythm of a person can be supported by using warmer (relaxing) light with lower intensity in the morning and evening, and cooler (energising) light during a typical working day.

chosen across the floors, offering a convenient 32 of Boss Design’s Qube Solo pods were also space for individual focused work or telephone calls. The Qube Solo features PIR controlled lighting, airflow and acoustic ceiling tiles for enhanced privacy as standard.


Gareth Brown, a Director at Vidak, comments, “We approached the project collaboratively by listening to how the B:HIVE project team and the architects involved needed the space to perform and look. Whatever was provided had to be as versatile as the ground-breaking
office-leasing arrangements offered by B:HIVE. When it came to the private meeting spaces, Boss Design’s Aspect and Qube Solo pod offered the perfect solution.”

Andy Watson, International Sales Director at Boss Design, comments, “We are delighted with the outcome of this project.  The Pods look fantastic and make a huge statement at B:HIVE, seamlessly complementing both the aesthetic of the office and the model in which the building was created around. The Pods offer the flexibility required to foster innovation and growth, which is exactly what is required in a co-working space such as B:HIVE.”

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