Bisley & Dirty Furniture collaboration: Dubai Design Week

Bisley, in partnership with the critically acclaimed design magazine Dirty Furniture, will bring a taste of its recent Matter of Fact exhibition to Dubai Design Week on Thursday, 15th November, debuting the contribution from local talent Talin Hazbar. 

The full exhibition was launched at Clerkenwell Design Week this year and explores how human storage needs have changed in contemporary times and in the age of digital media.

Design Insider Bisley Dubai Design Week Display

“This exhibition gives us the opportunity to reflect on the power of objects as storytellers. In this age of fake news and digital media, perhaps things are now the most reliable way of documenting the truth.” – Anna Bates and Elizabeth Glickfeld, co-editors of Dirty Furniture.

The publication by Dirty Furniture takes the Closet as its theme with the accompanying exhibition, titled Bisley ‘Matter of Fact’ 2018. The exhibition features objects chosen by a selection of internationally renowned designers, thinkers, and emerging studios including Sam Jacob, Jurgen Bey, Parsons & Charlesworth, Tobias Revell, Birgit Severin, Aric Chen, Jo Anne Butler, Théophile Blandet, as well as Talin Hazbar.

Design Insider Bisley Dubai Design Week Dirty Furniture

“The timing of Bisley ‘Matter of Fact’ 2018 could not be better, we have captured an exciting moment in Bisley’s own story. We’re thrilled to be working on the exhibition with Dirty Furniture and look forward to welcoming visitors to the next stage of the exhibition during Dubai Design Week” – Helen Owen, Director of Business Development Bisley.

Each contributor was asked to put forward an object they think encapsulates 2018. Displayed in specially designed cabinets engineered and manufactured at Bisley’s factory, the objects within were chosen to capture the present day. Inspired by time capsules, the conceptual cabinets themselves have been designed as a piece of furniture for the home, in which households of the future will place their most cherished objects, keeping them safe for future generations to enjoy.

Design Insider Bisley Dubai Design Week Stand

Talin Hazbar, Bisley’s main contributor for the Dubai exhibition, is based in the UAE and works across architecture, art and design inspired by the materiality and landscape of the desert. She has exhibited at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Dubai Design Week, Design Days Dubai and took part in the Rhode Island School of Design’s Emerging Artists Fellowship programme in 2015.

The contribution by Talin Hazbar comprises three landscape slices from the UAE, each 10x10x1-3cm:

1) sand crust, Sharjah: 25°20’0.34″N, 55°21’33.88″E

2) 5 sedimentary rock crust, Fujairah: 25°36’3.07″N, 56°20’7.75″E

3) sea deposit crust, Sharjah: 25°19’30.79″N, 55°21’47.69″E

Design Insider Bisley Dubai Design Week Exhibition

The three crusts, made respectively of sand, rock and sea deposits, are thin slices of landscape from various regions and terrains in the United Arab Emirates. Their significance lies in the fact that each site was excavated during 2017 to convert natural open public spaces into tourist destinations. By suspending these slithers in time and space, Hazbar forces us to contemplate vast landscapes on a micro scale, revealing the untold narratives of each site.

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