Bisley elevates the humble locker

Bisley, the storage specialist, has launched the LateralFile Lodge, a new range of lockers in response to growing need for personal stowage and temporary storage space in the workplace.

LATERAL FILE_11_cam_03 webA timely evolution to this essential element of office design, key features include:

  • Power
    The Lodges are powered, making it possible to take a devices away to use, only to be charged again when it goes back in for safe-keeping
  • Zoning 
    A range of seamless back and surface material options such as acoustic performance panels or dry-wipe boards, and the absence of tie bars, results in a slick and contemporary finish. The aesthetic appeal and multi-use of the of these lockers means that they do not need to be confined to the perimeter of the office, instead they can be an integral part of the design, zoning spaces, enhancing breakout spaces and encouraging movement amongst employees.
  • Access
    The ‘hard to reach’ bottom section of the locker stack can be replaced with a retractable personal drawer, maximising capacity and accessible use.
  • Choice and versatility
    The range is available in a multitude of configurations, colours and lock type, and in two locker sizes (single or double height – ideal for cabin bags or coats). Biophilic planting trays can be added to the top of the units and the wide range of finishes, including wood finish doors and cladding, means the new locker range can be specified in any design scheme.

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“The inspiration behind these new Lodges was our customers. We know that businesses want furniture that fits with their brand and culture; this means special colours and combinations and often now, a softer, homelier look. Our aim was to create a product that looks great, is easy to use and which is multi-functional.” – Sarah Cartwright, Product Manager

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