Brazil by Edinburgh Weavers

Edinburgh Weavers have been producing bespoke contract fabrics since 1928 but are still right on top of the current trends…

Their latest release is ‘Brazil’ – Their new tropical print, which is available in 3 different colourways – Tropical, mustard and indigo. Brazil Tropical webWhilst the tropical colourway is very of the moment (We’re thinking of the maxamalist trend!), both the mustard and indigo options would suit a more subtle scheme.

Brazil was inspired by the on-going trend that is botanical, jungle and tropical plant patterns. With so many tropical prints out there to choose from, Edinburgh Weavers wanted to do something different. They decided to give theirs a different look using a mosaic technique which camouflages the content of the pattern so that you see colour first then you start to appreciate the beautiful detail and tropical birds within!mustard indigo brazil webWe wouldn’t be surprised to see this design FLY off the shelves…

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