Cleo: An Evolving Brand Driven By Workplace Innovation

The transformation of The Workplace Partner into Cleo is a narrative of innovation, vision, and the profound understanding of the modern workforce’s evolving needs. This rebranding journey is not merely a change of name but a recognition of a fundamental shift in philosophy, guided by the insights of co-founders Tom Lancer and Westley Harnett. Their foresight into the post-pandemic workplace has propelled Cleo to the forefront of design and build specialists, offering a fresh perspective on creating environments that foster wellness, community, and culture.

The Core Values of Cleo

At the heart of Cleo’s rebrand are the values of authenticity, partnership, and quality—principles that are deeply woven into the fabric of their operations and interactions. Authenticity is celebrated as a cornerstone, allowing for genuine connections and meaningful moments. Cleo’s commitment to being real and transparent fosters an environment where creativity and happiness flourish, enabling the team to support each other’s growth and play to their strengths.

Partnership goes beyond mere collaboration; it’s about building relationships based on mutual respect, commitment, and aligned values. Cleo emphasises meaningful connections, creating the best environments for clients and their own team by mirroring ambitions and ensuring security in shared goals.

Quality is assured in every aspect of Cleo’s work—from the people they employ to the outcomes they deliver. This unwavering commitment to the highest standards is what sets Cleo apart, ensuring that they are trusted for their honesty and renowned for exceeding expectations in an industry often criticised for underdelivering.

The Purpose and Brand Idea

Cleo’s purpose, “to amplify the greatness in people,” reflects a dedication to being more than just a workplace design firm. It embodies the role of mentor, protector, and cheerleader for everyone it interacts with. Cleo’s spaces are designed to unlock brilliance, offering no limit on potential and elevating individuals to achieve their greatest accomplishments.

This purpose is encapsulated in Cleo’s brand idea: Quality, human design + build. This guiding principle acts as a directive promise, influencing culture, service, development, and identity. It’s a commitment to starting every project with the intent to create spaces where real people can thrive, powered by a collective excellence that focuses on considered design and unrivalled quality.

Brand Personality: Boldness and Humility

Cleo’s personality is characterised by a blend of boldness and humility. The brand’s confident approach is steadfast, driven by a deep knowledge of the industry and a warrior-like determination. Yet, it is balanced with a thoughtful and understanding demeanour, proud of its human sensibilities and the ability to create spaces that genuinely reflect the needs and aspirations of its clients.

Logo and Colour Palette

The Cleo logo is a masterful representation of the brand’s essence, balancing boldness with delicacy. It symbolises luxury with hidden depth, where the void within the ‘c’ aligns with the earth’s axis, and the ‘o’ contains an eclipse. This design speaks to Cleo’s human-centric approach and its aspirations that reach beyond the visible spectrum.

The colour palette serves as the “condiments in the recipe,” adding depth and flavour while allowing for versatility through the use of neutral tones when needed. This thoughtful selection of colours further emphasises the brand’s ability to adapt and enhance any space, reflecting its commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Monogram and Brand Statement

The Cleo monogram pattern, used sparingly, symbolises the dove-tailed process and the tight-knit group that comprises the Cleo team. It stands as a testament to the cohesive and integrated approach Cleo takes in every project, ensuring that every detail is meticulously considered and executed.

The brand statement, “Unlocking brilliance, putting no limit on potential,” is a powerful declaration of Cleo’s mission. It succinctly captures the essence of what Cleo aims to achieve with each project—creating environments that not only meet the functional needs of the workspace but also inspire and empower those who inhabit them.

Celebrating the New Identity

As Cleo embarks on this new chapter, the rebranding is a celebration of the team, the projects, the clients, and the collaborative spirit that drives innovation in workplace design. The decision to partner with Motive in this transformation journey has resulted in a brand that genuinely represents the company’s ethos and the people behind it.

Tom Lancer’s reflection on the need for companies to “earn the commute” underscores the shift towards spaces that prioritise well-being and community over traditional metrics of efficiency. This philosophy is vividly brought to life in Cleo’s projects, such as the innovative 20,000sqft project in Victoria, which integrates functionality with unique features to create a vibrant and dynamic workspace.

Looking Forward

As the boundaries between traditional office spaces and sectors like residential and hospitality continue to blur, Cleo stands ready to lead the charge in this unique transformation.

The brand’s commitment to authenticity, partnership, and quality, coupled with its innovative approach to design and build, positions Cleo to not only respond to the evolving needs of the workforce but to shape the future of workplace environments.


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