In a captivating conversation with Design Insider Editor, Alys Bryan, Shweta Mistry, the Founder and Director of Mistry Designs, unveils the artistic journey behind her exclusive fabrics and wallpaper. With a background deeply rooted in creativity, Shweta combines design prowess with a keen understanding of aesthetic nuances.

Mistry Designs draws inspiration from ancient Indian miniature painting techniques dating back to the 11th century BC, preserving heritage in a rapidly evolving world. Shweta’s family legacy in woodworking and fine arts shaped her affinity for craftsmanship, influencing Mistry Designs to stand out in the commercial sector. Notably, their bespoke solutions, sustainability focus, and upcoming collections mark the brand’s commitment to timeless innovation and creative collaboration. The future holds exciting possibilities, including potential collaborations and the launch of new and captivating designs in wallcoverings and fabric. 

Enjoy our conversation!

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Shweta Mistry, the Founder and Director of Mistry Designs

Please introduce yourself and your role?

Coming from creative background and being a designer, I bring a clear vision and understanding to the nuances of design and the power of aesthetics to transform spaces. With our in house designed fabrics and wallpaper leading Mistry Designs’ success, weaving together a tapestry of creativity, innovation, and business acumen to create truly innovative products keeping in mind the end users.

Could you tell me about the heritage of your brand?

All our designs are created from pigments with global heritage significance and meticulous painting techniques. Specifically, Indian miniature painting techniques rooted in 11th century BC, and beyond. Historically, with the end of the court system in India the Indian miniature paintings came to to an end because there was lack of patronage for the artists. These are heritage painting techniques were passed on from one generation to next in line. Preservation of traditional arts and crafts in our ever changing and fast growing modern world is a vital means
of providing the timeless values that bring stability to human life and promote peace of mind, one of the highest value of any civilisation. Our mission is to invigorate forgotten arts for future generations through our designs.

Pigment testing

Recently we rebranded under a new name: Mistry Designs. It has been 5 years since setting up the brand and being a third generation of Mistry (family name) to continue creating designs in fabric and wallpaper it was time to give the family name as centre of the brand name.

Growing up seeing my grandfather and father in total over 90 years running wooden furniture business and workshop creating furniture pieces handcrafted, polished, craved. And noticing my father marvelling the grain of the wood from around the world, as a child. Further to mention my mother had her own reputable showroom stocking arts and crafts pieces from around India. The importance of arts and crafts has been imbibed in me naturally and gravitated me towards fine arts as a starting point of my journey.

What sets your brand apart in the commercial sector?

The heritage in the brand sets us apart in the commercial sector and the reverence in history in terms of designs. And because we are small business we are much suited to create bespoke designs no matter what the end product is.

Could you talk me through 3 key projects you’ve supplied?

The Beaumont Hexham – “An upgraded Victorian Hotel offering funky modern design and a noteworthy restaurant – a boutique haven” as described by hotel guru. We supplied wallpapers for the foyers, passageways and rooms of the hotel. Our Tranquillity wallpaper in Asparagus Green and Enchanted (large scale) in Midnight Blue adorned the walls.

Tranquility walllpaper at The Beaumont, Hexham

Bergman Design House – We created bespoke designs for fabrics and wallpaper for Bergman Design House. It was an interiors project of a high end private residential. We now have them in our collection too. For privacy reasons in situ images of the project cannot be shared however I have shared the bespoke fabric images.

V&A Dundee wildflower seed box

V & A Dundee – We were approached with a brief to create an artwork which was going to be a packaging for a Scottish Wild flower seed box as a part of V&A Dundee day-tripper retail project to promote Scottish wild life.

How do you select the product designers you work with?

All our designs originate in artworks created in our in-house studio, by myself. We work closely with the manufacturers in the U.K. to bring the original artwork into it’s authentic self whether the end result is a wallpaper or a fabric no matter what surface the design end ups to be a product.

Do you also provide bespoke solutions?

Yes we do. Like mentioned earlier we have created artwork from a brief, references and concept images which is then repeated into a pattern for a bespoke wallcovering and a fabric for a high end interior design firm for a private residential project.

Shweta Mistry creating artwork for Hedgegrow Rosa

How does your company address sustainability and what are your sustainability targets?

All our products are manufactured in the UK. And that is the aim to keep the manufacturing local. And we only print on demand therefore we do not stock any products. Where there is so much waste in the industry I think it is sustainable to print on demand and use natural base material as much as possible.

What does the future hold for your brand?

We are excited for the future because it seems like we have just started! We are open to collaborate with the right UK based business to create carpets, tiles, performance fabric or create a bespoke design for a boutique hotel when the opportunity arises. There are endless design possibilities along with launching new collections from time to time. We have really exciting designs in wallcoverings and fabric launching next year.

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