Customised Bar Stools: The Inside Out Approach to Bespoke Bar Stool Design

Design Insider is thrilled to share an insight into the customisation opportunities offered by furniture design and supplier, Inside Out Contracts, with a particular emphasis on bar stools. The ability to tailor furniture to align with your design vision and functional requirements is invaluable. 

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Why is Customisation Important When Choosing Bar Stools?

Are you looking through 1000’s of bar stools, trying to find the one which matches the design aesthetic of your bar area? Working with Inside Out can help you achieve the style you want, whether it’s subtle or bold. They have a proven track record of finding some innovative solutions to get the desired look.

Creating Your Perfect Piece

A bar stool designed with Inside Outs design team can be customised with many different details, to capture your interior design perfectly. You can create a custom look in a range of fabrics and finishes for seat styles and base styles in the dimensions you want. Add details such as studding or fringing to a bar stool to match your interior design style and make it truly unique.

Share any inspiring images with the Inside Out design team and let them know your preferred finishes. Additionally, show them your interior design mood boards or plans. Once they have this information, their team will begin working on your custom made bar stool design.

Inside Out will collaborate closely with you. Including providing visuals, which include an augmented reality QR code. You can then visualise the appearance of your design.

 Sada Bar Stool at the Villa Copenhagen 

Counter & Bar Stools with Backs

Inside Out can create almost any seating styles for bespoke bar stools with backs. The details in the bar stools can reflect architectural or design styles in the bar area. The seat’s shape, fabrics, and materials chosen give a bar stool its unique character and personality. The Inside Out design team designs a bar stool that is as unique as your venue and brand. 

If we consider the example above, we can see the Sada Bar Stool made for Villa Copenhagen, which offers deep comfort and luxurious style, in keeping with the historical building.  In contrast the bar stools below for Saltie Girl captures the variety of flavours of the sea, with the contrasting blue striped fabric, whilst also offering a luxuriously padded seat. 

Bespoke Bar Stool designed for Saltie Girl, London

Stools with No Backs 

We must remember to consider all the bar and counter stools that have no backs. These tend to feel more informal but you can still create a unique piece of furniture which captures your perfect look. A recent example is the fixed stools for Audrey’s.  These types of stools can be a great space saving solution, offering informal seating for busy venue’s. 

Using the Inside Out design team means you get vibrant visuals in the fabrics and colours you choose. This means that if you are not happy with your first choice, you can easily change the fabric selection in the design phase. Furniture designs often evolve, as we can see from the below evolution process with the Permit stool. Different colours in the frame and upholstery are tried until the perfect combination is found.

Bespoke Stool with no back as seen at Audreys 

Metal Bar Stools

Inside Out Contract recently provided a bespoke metal bar stool for a high profile event in the UK. The client wanted eco-friendly furniture. So when creating these bar stools, sustainability was an important factor when it came to fabric and material selection.

Bar Tables

Inside Out has made numerous bar and counter height tables, with a range of interesting examples, from subtle to bold. Similar to bar stools, there are 2 core elements that make the bar table what it is; the table base, and the table top. However, you can add lots of different features to a bar table to make it unique.

Bar Tables at the Hilton Metropole Hotel 

Create Your Perfect

If you have any queries about bar stools or tables, please ask the Inside Out team.  They have a new webpage for custom bar stools here, showing various examples of seats and bases they have made. Inside Out Contracts helps clients find creative furniture solutions for unique challenges. Seeing how other bar stool designs have developed is interesting.

They are always interested in finding a new design challenge! So if you have one, it’s worth contacting them to see how they could help you.

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