East Meets West: Silk Road theme announced for INDEX September 2018

From September 16-18 2018 INDEX is set to host it’s second Middle Eastern interiors exhibition of 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre…

Following on from March’s annual flagship event, autumn’s INDEX will offer a show different to its usual buyer experience as it explores one of the most significant historical design routes of all time – The Silk Road. silk road themeWith a focus on East meets West, the show is presenting itself as a modern-day Silk Road; the historical route that opened up new markets for Asian and European design philosophies.

Samantha Macdonald, INDEX Event Director explained;

“The Silk Road became the first way that Europe and the West was introduced to the likes of silk, dyes, precious stones, porcelain, spices and perfumes. In return, the route took western goods like glassware, woollen textiles, rugs, carpets animal firs and skins to a new market in the East, making it the world’s first and then premiere trade route at the heart of which was design and creativity. Its path ventured through the deserts of the Middle East. Two millennia on and the region – the UAE especially – plays equally as central a role now as being the hub between the two continents.”

Artists Avenue - Index- Day 1 , Dubai World Center , Dubai , (photo by Ajith Narendra) ( ITP Images)Macdonald continued to say that INDEX September will have products from Asia sat alongside products from Europe and toegther the will present a wide selection of interior products to suit the taste and budgets of all visitors, covering every buyer’s needs.

This show will run alongside The Hotel Show Dubai and the shows will offer a complete insight into the Middle Eastern design and hospitality industry. Shoot for INDEX Show held at DWTC on March 28, 2017 Dubai UAE Photo by Lester Apuntar/ITP ImagesThe BCFA has a Department of International Tradeshow Access Programme funding of £2,500 per eligible UK company for this September edition – for further information contact sue@thebcfa.com the BCFA’s International Export Project Manager.

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