Electroanalogue: A digital transformation

During this years London Design Festival, our capital city was transformed into a a hub of celebration and creativity. Another transformation was the Coal Offices in Kings Cross – The home of Tom Dixon’s headoffices, the Coal Office gallery, reception, shop, factory and restaurant. 

Electroanalogue was an exhibition that showcases variations of digital innovations and interpretations and was weaved throughout the space. 

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The Gallery

As you entered the gallery you were taken through the HYPER REAL exhibition that explored digital manipulation of materials. Leather specialists, Bill Amberg Studio collaborated with Tom Dixon, Faye Toogood,  BCFA member Timorous Beasties and US based interior designers, Alexandra Champalimaud and Natasha Baradaran to create some unique and exclusive designs. 

These designs were printed digitally onto cow hides and there were daily demonstrations by Bill Amberg who was showing live upholstery sessions.  

BCFA member, Ege Carpets was also involved with this exhibition. Tom Dixon designs were digitally reproduced and Ege designer, Signe Fink Norgaard held a talk to discuss the process of transforming a digital concept into a carpet design.

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The Shop

The Coal Office shop is located in the belly of the Coal Offices, the arches. This was transformed into a 1970’s style disco where innovative synthesizers were being displayed by Teenage Engineering. 

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The Factory

An area made for testing and prototyping, the factory was converted into an electronics assembly line. Different electronic products were turned inside out giving you a chance to celebrate circuit boards and the details that can create sculptural objects. It’s always fascinating to be able to see and touch the inner-workings of a mechanism! 

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The Restaurant

With sight, sound and touch all covered, the restaurant completes the five senses tour with taste. The space was designed by Design Research Studio and was a collaboration with chef Assaf Granit. The space was created to fill its visitors with energy and delicious food, which they certainly did with their specially designed set lunch menu, ‘Design and Dash’.

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