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The latest collections from Newmor Wallcoverings provide endless possibilities for interior designers looking to create exceptional and distinctive spaces.

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With a commitment to quality and creativity, Newmor remain at the forefront of wallcovering design innovation. This autumn they are introducing three new fabric-backed vinyl collections: Oxford, Piazza, and Raffia – specifically designed to endure the demands of commercial spaces. And, for ultimate flexibility, all designs are made and stocked in their own facility in mid-Wales. At the same time, Newmor are also taking the opportunity to add new designs to their digital design portfolio with the introduction of their new Industrialis collection.

Rose Campbell, Head of Design and Marketing at Newmor

We caught up with Rose Campbell, head of design and marketing at Newmor to hear more about the development process behind their autumn 2023 collections. She told us, “Each design has been created to embody a unique blend of style, versatility, and sophistication. The inspiration for all four collections comes from what we are best known for –  skilled craftsmanship. We wanted to celebrate the craftsmanship in all fields, whether its architecture, weaving, sculpting, tailoring, and manufacturing”.

The three new stocked collections are:

Oxford: Tailored Luxury

Oxford by Newmor

The Oxford design pays homage to the timeless Oxford cloth, a hallmark of classic tailoring. With its basket-weave structure and lustrous aspect, this collection exudes the meticulous craftsmanship and precision synonymous with London’s Savile Row. The fabric effect design boasts a sharp and clean aesthetic, elevated by the inclusion of micas and metallics, which add a further touch of refinement.

Oxford by Newmor

Rose Campbell, head of design and marketing at Newmor said, “Oxford has a high-end tailored look. The colour palette is muted and elegant, featuring a broad selection of neutrals, accentuated by the rich tones of copper, moss, and indigo”.

Piazza: Urban Grandeur

Piazza by Newmor

Piazza captivates with sleek lines and a subtle metallic finish which glistens like the windows overlooking a bustling town square. This emboss is a masterpiece of intricate detail, capturing light from various angles. The geometric linear pattern offers a subtle, all-over urban effect.

Piazza by Newmor

Rose Campbell explains, “The refined linear detail enhances the cosmopolitan vibe of this architectural inspired design. Warm and sophisticated tones with accents of steel grey, chocolate brown copper, olive and rich gold add to this understated luxury look”.

Raffia: Natural Craftsmanship

Raffia by Newmor

Raffia pays tribute to the time-honoured craft of raffia weaving, rooted in the rich traditions of Madagascar. This design encapsulates the essence of this ancient art form, infusing warmth and authenticity of natural craftsmanship into interior spaces. Inspired by dried raffia palm leaves, Newmor’s Raffia design blends tradition with contemporary design in a tactile matte finish enhanced by a deep woven emboss.

Raffia by Newmor

Rose Campbell said, “We managed to capture the essence of this natural weave with a deep woven emboss and drew inspiration for the six colourways from the raffia palm. Our matte finish makes it difficult to differentiate this robust wallcovering from an original raffia weave, making it a viable option for commercial spaces embracing biophilic design”.

Industrialis: Artisan Makers

Industrialis (meaning industrial in Latin), is a three-dimensional design collection that is the epitome of hushed opulence. This collection boasts striking and refined designs, elevated by textured and mylar bases, which blend intrigue and elegance, all with a distinct industrial flair. Featuring wood, stone, concrete, and metal elements, this striking collection pays homage to raw materials and artisanal craftsmanship.

Rose Campbell adds, “We carefully selected bases to compliment and amplify the essence and 3D quality of the six designs in this collection”.

The six new digital designs are:

Makina by Newmor

Makina, which translates to “machine” in several languages, offers a detailed examination of the inner workings of industrial machinery. Printed on a mylar base, its high-shine metallic base accentuates the burnished textures of raw metal.

Rosa by Newmor

Rosa, known as ‘The One and Only,’ is a hybrid tea rose bred in France. This beautifully sculpted and impactful stone wall mural is enriched by the rough sandstone emboss, adding to the appearance of artisanal hand carving.

Argento by Newmor

Argento, meaning “silver” in Italian, showcases a faux metal tile design that creates a remarkable three-dimensional effect on the wall, so enticing that you’ll want to touch it! The mylar base adds an extra layer of sophistication to this industrial-inspired design.

Tessellate by Newmor

Tessellate, features hexagonal tiles with weathered textured details, forming a honeycomb pattern with warm metallic tones layered onto a metallic mylar base.

Beton by Newmor

Beton, which means “concrete” in French, consists of concrete blocks that appear to protrude from the wall. The heavily textured stipple embossing adds tactile depth to this visually striking design.

Treen by Newmor

Treen, dates to the Old English meaning of “made of wood”. The triangular wooden blocks are layered to create shadows and depth which is further enhanced by the brushed steel emboss base.

David Johnson, MD at Newmor said, “The introduction of three stocked collections and a new digital design collection is a testament to our commitment to service our commercial clients. As well as our commercial vinyl wallcovering manufacturing operation, our digital production facility, design studio, and warehouse are all located in one place in mid-Wales. This makes us extremely agile to service our UK and global commercial clients”.

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