Eshta by OW Hospitality

Eshta is a new in-house design collection by Oriental Weavers Hospitality, encompassing Axminster, Hand tufted, printed carpets and fabrics, inspired by the art work of Deena Fadel.estha

Deena Fadel is a young Egyptian painter who’s work OW Hospitality thought wonderfully showed off their impressive global footprint, diverse international team and highlights their manufacturing headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.

The Inspiration

The craft of a mixed media art piece, expressive mark making and rich layering of color and texture along with the integrity of its origin as Egyptian, all contributed to OW’s global design team creating this authentic carpet collection.

We asked OW’s Global Design Director, Gavin McDowell why this collection came about, and he said;

“Our global team of experienced designers collaborate with each other, as we see international trending first hand and predict global inspiration in design and see potential future styling.

Everyone wants ‘unique and boutique’. Travelers want luxury and a little opulence with authenticity and a connection to where they are staying.”


estha ow

This collection is a stunning example of traditionalism with the use of gold and metal hues for accenting and even more specialised yarn effects and techniques.

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