Fabulous Florals by Loomah

Inspired by the vibrant florals we’ve been seeing from the spring/summer high-end fashion in 2018, Loomah launch their latest collection of ‘Fabulous Florals’…

Featuring vivid, painterly blooms against a monochrome background, these new carpets create a striking look for an interior scheme. Loomah Florals Collection 1Made for drama

Natalie Cotgrove, designer and founding partner of Loomah was inspired after a trip to see the stunning rose gardens at Highgrove in the Cotswolds followed by an invitation to London Fashion Week.

“I was inspired to take a more playful approach to this new collection”.

– Natalie Cotgrove

loomah florals 2Blossoming oversized roses in vibrant pinks, reds and yellows decorate each design. The use of graphic monochrome stripes offers a bold contrast.

About Loomah

Loomah Bespoke Carpets Rugs are at the forefront of the design and supply of traditional and contemporary luxury bespoke carpets and rugs. Whether for a residential interior, commercial project or private yacht, Loomah can supply handmade fitted carpets and loose laid rugs in any size, any shape and any colour.

You can find Loomah at their new showroom open in the heart of London’s Chelsea Design Quarter on the Kings Road. You can view both modern and traditional designs as well as meet a dedicated in-house design team who can develop your design.

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