Gallery: LDF18

London Design Festival has an ambitious goal; to promote London as the design capital of the world!  

As the pinnacle of the UK’s design calendar it was imperative that our team spent time visiting LDF18 and after much consideration we decided to prioritise the four largest events; 100% Design, Design Junction, London Design Fair and the V&A. 

It was disappointing that we were unable to attend a larger proportion of the events which form the festival, but with over 400 individual attractions it would have been impossible, with this in mind we would love to see your LDF18 highlights and welcome you to share links in the comments section of this article.

In the first of our Gallery event reviews please find 63 images below which you can click on to enlarge and find details of the brand or designer.  We hope you enjoy our highlights!

To what degree to you feel that London Design Festival achieved their ambition to cement London as the design capital of the world?

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