Global Innovation launched in Snowy St Johann: EGGER Decorative Collection 24+

At the EGGER Forum in St Johann in Tirol, amidst a setting of stunning snow-topped scenery, Design Insider Editor, Alys Bryan, experienced first hand the celebration of innovation that marked the 25th anniversary of EGGER’s showroom. This visit set the stage for the introduction of the Decorative Collection 24+, an exciting rolling collection concept designed to meet the dynamic needs of designers, architects, and fabricators.

Curious to explore how this collection can transform your design projects? Continue reading as we delve into the features and benefits of the Decorative Collection 24+.

The new inspires, the established remains. New collection concept for more flexibility and constantly updated range of innovations and trends

In our exploration of EGGER’s Decorative Collection 24+, we’ll delve into the heart of its innovative rolling collection concept, which champions creative freedom by ensuring a constantly refreshed and up-to-date selection of designs. This concept instils confidence in commercial interior designers through the originality and quality finish of EGGER’s collection. Moreover, the collection embodies the ‘time for more’ motto, a testament to EGGER’s dedication to offering expansive solutions and inspirations that meet the demands of today’s design and industry challenges. We’ll also take a closer look at EGGER’s communication capsules, a clear indication of the company’s leadership in design communication and innovation.

Hubert Hoglauer, Silvia Binder, Michael Egger Jr and Klaus Manhoff present Decorative Collection 24+ at the EGGER Forum

Join us as we reveal how the Decorative Collection 24+ is set to redefine commercial interior design, delivering possibilities, solutions, and inspiration for your projects, and marking a significant milestone in design innovation.

Revolutionary Rolling Collection Concept

During the EGGER Forum, we were introduced to the Decorative Collection 24+. This collection showcases inspiring new products and is equipped with a wide array of digital tools, ensuring that EGGER’s customers across the globe have access to a decor and product portfolio that remains consistently contemporary and comprehensive.

The rolling concept: Updated every 2 years, all new products are valid for at least 4 years

What sets the Decorative Collection 24+ apart is its dynamic approach to updates. Scheduled to be updated biennially, this strategy ensures the collection stays ahead of the curve, seamlessly adapting to evolving trends and market demands. Hubert Höglauer, at the forefront of Product Management and Marketing Furniture and Interior Design for the EGGER Group, shares more:

“This rolling concept allows us to react faster to new trends, influences, and product innovations. Despite shorter update cycles, we guarantee that all new introductions remain in the range for at least four years. This provides planning certainty for our customers.”

Alongside this rolling collection, EGGER introduced an award-winning tool for conveying their decorative advice and expertise: the EGGER Capsule Concept.

EGGER presents a total of 5 capsules for the Decorative Collection 24+ launch. Muted Greens, Hospitality – Warm Materials, Style with Value, Simplicity Redefine, and Design on Top

Klaus Monhoff elaborates on this inventive approach to decor presentation:

“We use the capsule concept for the presentation of decors and thus provide recommendations for a wide range of applications, trend themes, and combination options.”

EGGER Capsule Concept receives Excellent Communication Design – Online Publications ‘winner’ award at the German Design Award 2024

This first hand introduction to the Decorative Collection 24+, and the rolling concept, has provided us with a deeper understanding of EGGER’s dedication to innovation and underscored their commitment to staying at the forefront of design and functionality. Through this approach, EGGER is redefining the landscape of commercial interior design, offering unmatched versatility and forward-thinking solutions to its global customer base.

Precision Production: The Foundation of Design Opportunities

At the heart of EGGER’s ability to offer the Decorative Collection 24+ lies a commitment to precision production and meticulous attention to detail. This dedication is evident in the extensive investment in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, showcasing EGGER’s pursuit of excellence in the wood-based materials industry.

Central to achieving the high standards set for the Decorative Collection 24+ is the advanced automation of EGGER’s production processes. From the establishment of the first chipboard plant in St. Johann in 1961 to the latest expansions and acquisitions globally, EGGER has consistently employed cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and product quality. This commitment to innovation aims to set new benchmarks for quality and sustainability in wood-based material production, beyond merely keeping pace with industry standards.

The Decorative Collection 24+, with its diverse decors and textures, emerges from a meticulous manufacturing approach, offering design professionals the chance to explore new possibilities and push design boundaries.

Unleashing Creativity with Precision and Expertise

EGGER’s Decorative Collection 24+ is a testament to the power of innovative design combined with precision production. This collection empowers commercial interior designers to confidently specify product combinations that are executed with unmatched accuracy, whether the project is national or international. By leveraging EGGER’s expertise in trend forecasting, designers are equipped to create spaces that not only exhibit flair and originality but also lead the way in setting new interior design trends.

EGGER More From Wood!

The Decorative Collection 24+ proudly offers over 300 decor and texture combinations, spanning EGGER’s extensive product portfolio and unique matching material options. With 239 combinations available in internationally stocked laminate, the collection makes streamlining global projects more feasible than ever. Additionally, it includes 202 Eurodekor finishes, featuring an environmentally sustainable chipboard core, making it suitable for a broad range of applications across diverse design sectors.

Tailored Excellence: The UK Offer

Aimee Fletcher, EGGER UK’s Design and Product Manager, has expertly pulled from the international range a bespoke collection of 158 finishes that will be available from the UK stock programme, with widespread availability throughout the distributor network and a fast turnaround to streamline project delivery. Aimee Fletcher told us:

“The launch of our new collection is a pivotal moment for the furniture and interior design industry. We are providing our customers with the products and finishes they need to create stunning, yet sustainable furniture and interior design over the next few years.”

This UK stock programme includes 102 new decors and six new textures.  Among those are 25 developments in matt surface technology, including award-winning PerfectSense Lacquered Chipboard in solid colour and woodgrain reproductions.  Other new arrivals include 19 innovative material finishes that offer opulent surfaces in natural stones and luxurious metallics. 

A consolidated range of 50 Door Size Laminate finishes, 9 Coloured Core Laminate options, 39 Worktop reproductions across two thickness and three formats, 12 Accent Edgings and a matching edging for every finish, completes EGGER UK’s expansive offer.

EGGER is taking the Decorative Collection 24+ on a UK tour in March. Please contact your local EGGER distributor to find out when the collection will visit their site. 

Trends – The new simplicity in decor and texture innovations

The international Decorative Collection 24+ is characterised by a new simplicity, offering a flexibility in design that is reflective of wider social trends and the pace of digitalised life.  Head of EGGER Design and Decor Management Klaus Monhoff tells us:

“A feeling of security is often sought with our own four walls, as this is where we can implement the most control over our environment and our lives. Interior trends for the future must therefore be both reliable and adaptable.”

Within the EGGER showroom 3 dimensional displays bring each capsule to life using carefully selected EGGER surfaces

The concept is reflected in new decors.  Colour evolves towards muted yet bold shades, and widens to include an elegant spectrum of natural greens and rich reds, as well as developments in the established blue-grey trend.  Ever present, neutrals now take on a warmer, more calm appearance for heightened combination opportunities. 

Head of EGGER Design and Decor Management Klaus Monhoff shares details of woodgrain reproductions at the EGGER Forum

Klaus also explains the evolution of woodgrain reproductions towards a redefined simplicity:

“Oak is still the most important woodgrain, but it has evolved from a strikingly rustic to a calm and more adaptable variant. Reproductions are no longer given authenticity through cracks and knots, but through texture, such as the new ST40 Feelwood Oakgrain. This latest generation of EGGER synchronised pore surfaces reflects the trend for reserved, matt wood effects, but still has the signature depth to touch.”

Material reproductions also offer simplicity. Instead of abstract designs, natural looking slate and marble are increasingly found in interior design schemes, commonly as the underpinning feature in frontals and furniture. The texture development ST76 Mineral Rough Matt enhances new finishes, enabling timeless designs.  The theme continues with metallics, with new UK texture ST20 Metal Brushed offering a stylishly matt and contemporary reproduction.

Feedback from customers has been exceptional. ST40, ST76 and ST20 have been firm favourites along with the muted uni-colours that combine well with the other finishes we have on offer. I can’t wait to see the results of the Decorative Collection 24+ in both private and public spaces across the UK and Ireland.”

Time for a greener future

With the Decorative Collection 24+, EGGER leads the way towards an environmentally sustainable future.  Internationally, the publicised commitment to achieve NetZero by 2050 is complemented by the UK market’s pledge to plant a tree for every registration of the new Decorative Collection 24+ swatch.

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