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Shhhhh! It’s all a big suprise – We can’t even share any images yet!

CDW will see the launch of Eva Orangebox’s new task chair, which is an original fusion between physical lightness and performance durability.

Their designers and engineers have evolved a manufacturing ethos centered on the realisation of a new generation of `light touch` task seating, which require as few materials and component parts as possible. To deliver a chair able to exceed the high-performance demands of our shared, collaborative workplace.

The design, which results from three years of research and development is focused on achieving the most environmentally intelligent chair, Orangebox have ever manufactured. With 91% of the component parts manufactured in the UK and 99% from within mainland Europe, this innovative chair tips the scales at just over 14kg. With over half of the materials recycled.

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Eva creates a new task chair syntheses centered on having as few adjustments as possible from an innovative weight balance mechanism. Which actively encourages movement, automatically delivering the right amount of resistance with a 3-dimensionally knitted mesh, designed to fit the contours of your back, effortlessly.

Our design quest has resulted in a task chair, which supersedes old generation task seating overburdened with complex mechanisms, and user interfaces, which are ill equipped to meet the new demands of the collaborative workplace.

In Essence, Eva is a contemporary chair which is intuitive to use and able to seamlessly accommodate multiple users – throughout the workday.

Check out Orangebox’s itinerary of events over Clerkenwell below.Layout 1For more information contact Orangebox directly at www.orangebox.com 

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