High-performance upholstery fabrics by Delius

Expressive structures paired with high durability characterise these four new upholstery fabrics from Delius.

Woven from 100% Trevira CS branded yarn, they are particularly robust and durable, as evidenced by the high number of Martindale.

Finnfinn webThis is an extremely hard-wearing upholstery fabric (100.000 Martindale) in a Melange wool look and is characterised by its dry, warm feel, which hardly differs from a real wool quality. The colour woven fabric with its soft tones fits perfectly into every room. The broad colour range offers many different possibilities. There are beautiful nature and grey tones as well as colours such as cornflower, berry, lime and aqua.

Eccoecco webThe small patterned jacquard fabric with 100.000 abrasion cycles is extremely durable. The upholstery fabric is defined by its geometric forms and its discreet two-tone effects. It is available in 21 colours, from rich colours to soft natural tones.

Durodura webDuro is very modern due to its refined multicolour; this gives it a structured appearance. The large colour range includes 20 colours. The clay colours mingle well into any interior; the colours with strong yarn mixtures give a more individual touch.

Maxmax webMax is an upholstery fabric with a happy and lively 3D design. Its naturally matt surface and its colour woven design present a modern and sportive elegance.

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