HIX2023: Astro Lighting Unveils Design Innovation in the Spotlight: A Journey Through Their HIX 2023 Showcase

Welcome to Astro Lighting’s world, where design innovation shines in their latest HIX 2023 showcase. Founded in 1997 by John Fearon and James Bassant, Astro Lighting has become a British beacon of distinctive quality.

With over two decades of experience, Astro’s founders developed a profound understanding of lighting design, guiding their comprehensive range for hospitality, residential, and commercial spaces.

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At HIX 2023, Astro Lighting revealed a curated selection of contemporary lighting concepts, each a testament to the fusion of innovation and timeless design. Their luminaires redefine spaces, providing not just illumination but an immersive, extraordinary experience. At the core of Astro Lighting’s design philosophy is unwavering attention to detail, balancing high performance with sustainability and enduring design.

Join us on a journey through Astro’s HIX 2023 designs, witnessing how they push the boundaries of design excellence. The collection features enduring materials like translucent porcelain, highlighting functional applications, including Astro Lighting’s portable and plug-in lighting ranges. Their new Made to Order offering provides unparalleled choice and flexibility.

Commercial Interiors UK member Astro Lighting exhibited at HIX 2023

Statement hospitality lighting

Astro Lighting’s new collection includes two new ranges that offer a complete set of floor, table, wall and wall-mounted reading lights for a cohesive lighting scheme. The Venn range brings warm ambient lighting and focused task lighting to hospitality guest rooms and other spaces. Its matching floor light, desk light, wall light and wall light-reader combination make Venn an elegant, functional addition to any modern interior. All Venn lights are designed for use with Astro’s minimalist Stadium shade, inspired by modernist architecture. They are also available in a switch-operated version on a Made to Order basis.

Venn, Astro Lighting

Astro’s second complete set of new lights, Leda, adds a unique, pared back dimension to the new collection. The matching floor light, desk light, wall light and swing-arm wall light bring a contemporary accent to any hospitality guest room or living space. Leda’s distinctive cylindrical shade is available separately in a range of Made to Order modern finishes, and it uses replaceable, long-lasting GU10 lamps, enabling full flexibility in the choice of light colour and brightness. In addition, Leda’s lamp head features an innovative, heat-dispersing design which maximises the lifespan of the lamp.

Venn, Astro Lighting

The new collection also offers an array of stylish yet functional wall lighting, designed with contemporary hospitality guest rooms and premium residential interiors in mind. These include the nature-inspired Arbor, featuring a fluid, die-cast metal arm that resembles the graceful curve of a tree branch. Serge is inspired by the casual elegance of Parisian lighting designs. Ascoli features a pared-back silhouette with a crisp, precision-crafted shade and base, and a switch conveniently built into its base for ease of access.

Venn, Astro Lighting

Koto, available as a bedside wall light as well as overhead spotlights and track lighting systems, puts a bold new spin on traditional spotlighting with its elegantly tapered shape. Baton features a sleek, linear design with two integrated LEDs for bedside ambient lighting and an adjustable reading light.

Decorative wall lights

Expanding on their range of elegant wall lights, the new collection introduces Ako, a timeless design with a wide range of smart features. Ako features an integrated LED lamp for greater energy efficiency and is compatible with smart lighting systems, enabling you to create the perfect ambiance.

Ako, Astro Lighting

Its durable, metal design and narrow profile make it the ideal choice for adding a warm glow to corridors in hospitality settings. It is specially designed to cast a soft-edged wash of light along the surface of hallway walls to ensure comfortable lighting with no harsh lines or glare. Ako is also available in a range of attractive Made to Order finishes, and can be optionally equipped with integrated dimming.

Ako, Astro Lighting

Inspired by the shape of traditional East Asian lanterns, Toro adds a uniquely decorative allure to hospitality guest rooms or residential living spaces. Toro’s opal inner diffuser is enclosed by an elegant, ribbed glass outer shade, both crafted from high quality glass for enduring beauty and performance. With its fluted glass shade and sleek metal base, Veo is inspired by the columns of classic Greek architecture.

Portable lamps for any space

Astro’s new collection shines a spotlight on portability and sustainability with a trio of rechargeable, energy-efficient, portable table lamps. Halo brings comfortable task lighting to any space, including bedside tables and work surfaces in both hospitality and residential settings. The shape of Halo’s lamp head evokes a power symbol that projects functional illumination wherever you need.

Zeppo, Astro Lighting

With its translucent, double-layered glass shade, Zeppo casts a warm, gentle glow, creating an inviting ambiance that is perfect for bedside and table lighting in hospitality guest rooms or contemporary home interiors. Nomad brings portability to a new level with its water-resistant design, making it an ideal table light for both indoors and outdoors. All of Astro’s portable lamps feature simple touch operation, 4-stage dimming and a USB-C port for recharging their integrated LED lamps.

Exquisite porcelain shades

For the first time in 20 years, Astro are proud to introduce three new ranges of lighting designs featuring precision-crafted translucent porcelain shades. This exquisite material gently diffuses light to create a rich, warm glow. Available as a table or wall light, Ella combines the gentle glow of its porcelain shade with a tapered arm that flows seamlessly into its precision crafted metal base.

Ella, Astro Lighting

Inspired by classic Italian lighting designs of the 1980s, Imari is available as a desk light and two different wall light designs including one that features an adjustable arm. Imari’s crisp, diecast metal base and elegant porcelain shade make it a perfect option for bringing comfortable task lighting to any bedside table or wall, whether in hospitality guest rooms or premium residential interiors.

Ella, Astro Lighting

Carlton features a longer porcelain shade and is available as a sleek, linear desk light or minimalist wall light, making it a perfect addition to any bedside or workspace. The wall light is also available in a convenient plug-in design, enabling fast, versatile installation with no wiring required.

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