Hotel design is all about creating memorable guest experiences, and this is exactly what Hypnos Contract Beds were keen to showcase at the recent HIX 2023 event, where it also presented its premium Holborn collection.

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Catering to the increasing demand for sleep-centric experiences, the largest provider of sustainably made hospitality beds in the UK is leading the way in defining the ‘guest experience of tomorrow’ and the future of hospitality design.

The significance of quality sleep, previously overlooked, has gained prominence, particularly in the post-pandemic era, as wellness and work-life balance take centre stage. As such, guests are expecting the same, if not better, when it comes to their sleep experience when they stay away from home.

This growing trend is reshaping the hospitality industry, moving beyond the traditional boundaries of budget, quality, and service. It is no longer enough for a hotel to offer wellness on the side; they need to embrace it by offering a more holistic approach, taking into consideration the interior design. This might include weighted blankets, a pillow menu with options that cater to guests’ preferred sleep positions, and a supremely comfortable mattress created for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

The overarching theme of wellness has latched on so much so that sleep tourism has become its own ‘trend’, catering to those who explicitly select stays to improve their sleep. In fact, Google searches for ‘sleep tourism’ have increased by 250% in the last year alone.

The types of sleep-focused retreats offered by hotels tends to vary, ranging from basic add-ons, such as bath salts and sleep-inducing teas, to more comprehensive multi-day programmes led by a specialists or clinicians. But at its core, these retreats are heavily guided by the interior design, as Hypnos shares.

Carolyn Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds, comments:

“At Hypnos, we believe that health and wellbeing should always be at the forefront of the overall guest experience, and this is shown through our use of carefully selected, sustainably sourced materials that we combine to create robust, ethical, and extremely comfortable guest beds.

“It goes without saying that if a guest is laying on a comfortable mattress, then their sleep will be less disturbed and will ultimately help them to achieve a better sleep experience. To provide optimal sleep quality, we offer tailored solutions for each hospitality property, supported with our custom service package.”

In keeping with Hypnos’ ‘comfort with integrity’ ethos, the Holborn collection – featured at the HIX event – celebrates the natural world in both materiality and form. Soft layers of wool and dual density polyester seamlessly blend with ReActive pocket springs to provide a responsive and luxury feel. This is further enhanced by the breathable fine cotton covering which responds to fluctuations in body temperature, ensuring a restful sleep, night after night.

Further to that, the GRS polyester used in the careful crafting of the Holborn collection is derived from recycled plastic bottles that might otherwise have ended up in landfills.

The use of ethically sourced materials is a key consideration when it comes to addressing the true cost of sleep. While most will attribute it to the bed, the reality is much broader than that. Ultimately, it is the cost to the planet, as well as its impact on physical, emotional, and sleep health. It is for that reason that Hypnos pays close attention to how its products are made, using only natural and sustainable materials that can be recycled at the end of their life.

In terms of its impact on people, sleep is the body’s main restorative process, meaning getting enough of it is vital to our basic functioning. Even just one night of poor sleep can affect mental health and mood and can lead to depression and weight gain due to hormonal effects.

As you sleep, your brain replenishes its energy reserves and important chemicals, which are essential for focus and mental clarity. The quality of your sleep is also key for memory consolidation, retaining new information, decision making, and critical thinking.

While there are a range of factors that go into getting a good night’s sleep, the bed is at the heart of any guestroom and the mattress is a pivotal part of the overall guest experience. This sentiment is central to the design and manufacture of every Hypnos product, including its Holborn collection.

Carolyn Mitchell says:

“The HIX event was a great triumph, and it was a pleasure to be a part of. We received a high volume of footfall to our stand, which we were delighted with. It’s fantastic to see that more and more hoteliers are interested in offering their guests a premium experience that takes into account the planet’s welfare.

“Sustainability is inherently embedded in our business, and our approach has always been to make a positive environmental and social impact, investing in responsible innovation and nature-based circular designs. Our Holborn collection is a prime example of that, complete with a sumptuous blend of wool, a GRS Polyester comfort layer, and GRS dual density polyester.

“As a fifth-generation family business, we’re incredibly proud of what we do. Being part of events, such as HIX, not only allows us to showcase our incredible product portfolio, but also bring to light the latest trends, which is currently improved and enhanced sleep, and how hotels can embrace said trends.”

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