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It’s showtime at Inside Out Contracts!

From Salone Del Mobile in Milan to their showroom in London, Inside Out Contracts have some hot new furniture samples that are making a big impression. These new furniture stars (and their red carpet), have been touring commercial architects, interior designers studios and hospitality brands. The tour will continue over August and September, so there is still time to discover your perfect piece. 

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Introduction video to Stars on Tour which Launched in July

The Story So Far….

In April, Inside Out Contracts went to Salone Del Mobile with a mission to discover exciting new products for the hospitality industry. The team trawled through hundreds of stands and thousands of products to find exciting products that could work for a range of design styles for restaurants, hotels and cafes. 

Hot off the press after Milan, Inside Out Contracts created a commercial interior design guide ( which captured the furniture trends seen at Salone Del Mobile. 

New Products Discovered at Salone Del Mobile 2023 

However, they didn’t stop there. They put their heads together and ordered a selection of new furniture that would be worthy of their busy interior design clients knowing about. 

From experience, they know top commercial interior designers are always busy. So over July, August and September, they decided to run a ‘Milan in a Van’ Tour. Architects and interior designers could then step outside their studio door and discover the latest products and fabrics themselves.  

Each upholstered furniture piece is available in a range of different fabrics and finishes. That’s why a selection of fabric books and wood stains are also included in the van. 

Milan in a Van in Action with new samples unloaded and on the red carpet

Of course, Inside Out Contracts work with architects, Interior Designers and hospitality brands around the world, so, they are able to offer a video call, through using augmented reality (AR) samples, for those who are too far to get to. 

Example of AR furniture sample of Hug Armchair next to the real version

The idea behind meeting designers with the latest samples and fabric books, is to allow designers to see but also feel and experience the products. The fabric books have been just as popular as the chairs. Whilst we have noticed that everyone heads to the big comfortable chairs first, all the chairs are tried, tested and experienced. The Inside Out Contracts team did the same in Milan and so understands the benefit of experiencing the tactileness of a chair. Through touch, we can understand the quality of a product, which isn’t always easy to understand when looking at a product online. 

Interior Designers experiencing furniture and fabrics

Highlight | The Johnston Armchair 

The Johnston Armchair is a great example of the 70’s retro trend. To capture the retro trend, think of strong shapes, straight lines, big curves, bold geometric fabric patterns, colours in brown, green, purple, orange, and yellow with moulded plastic furniture or lots of dark teak wood.  

The design of the 70s captures a mood and an essence of free spirit and carefree attitude, which was both hedonistic and decadent. It’s no wonder that economic worries or pressures would draw people to want to escape into a more carefree world.

The Johnston Armchair has strong pronounced arms. The sample has dark wood legs and is upholstered in a green velvet fabric with geometric pattern material. Perfect for creating a playful retro look. However, you can create your own perfect fabric and wood stain combination to get the look you want.

The Johnston Armchair is a good example of the Retro Trend 

Highlight | The Hug Armchair 

The Hug Armchair is bang on trend with its bold curves trend. Curves help to promote calm and comfort both physically but also psychologically. Rounded edges, curvaceous cushioning and soft finishes, is a trend which emerged with strength after the pandemic and continues to grow. 

Adding to the calmness of this item, is the fabric choice. Caramel and cream creates a calm and cosy atmosphere, which comforts. However, if the shape of the hug chair is perfect for your interior design, but you have a bold colours or deep tones mood board, then you can select a fabric which works for your venue. The bold curves of this chair will still feel like a hug.  

The Hug Armchair is an example of the Bold Curves Trend

Highlight | The Gianna Lounge Chair

Making furniture in a sustainable way is becoming increasingly vital. With this focus we are seeing ever increasingly improved ways of using recycled materials and production techniques.

This product ticks many sustainable boxes, as it is made using FSC wood and is available in a wide range of certified, natural, sustainable, recycled and recyclable fabrics, making it a mindful choice to help the planet.

Completely enveloping, the Gianna lounge chair has a cradle-like shape that promotes total relaxation, amplified by the sense of isolation created with padding and the use of sound-absorbing coverings. No wonder it’s one of the first chairs that people want to try out. 

The Gianna Lounge Chair is an example of the Sustainability Trend 

How Can You Take Part?

If you are a commercial interior designer wanting to take part, you can arrange an appointment in person or via video call to discuss fabrics, materials or furniture samples. Visit

The Inside Out Team are ready to show you the latest sample stars

Taking part is as easy as 1, 2 or 3. Contact us to let us know your perfect option:

OPTION 1 – Contact us to check our Milan in a Van Destinations – as we might be able to drive your favourite samples to you with a selection of fabrics and materials.

OPTION 2 – Pop into our showroom to visit the stars – get the full showroom experience with a personal one-to-one tour 

OPTION 3 – Book a Video Call – Using technology we can transport our stars to your venue anywhere in the world

New Stars on Tour

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