Introducing the Morse Table System by NaughtOne

Introducing the Morse Table System. A resourceful table that empowers flexibility through simplicity. Designed to run at endless lengths and with a multitude of accessories, Morse complements and adds interest to any space.

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More with less

Changing work patterns have highlighted how flexible the humble table can be, quickly changing modes between working, meeting, conferencing, schooling, coffee drinking and dining, all within the space of a day. All these fast changes are achieved by simply scooping up or sliding along piles of books, plates, laptops…

The Morse Table System transitions from dining table to solo work table or team work bench with ea e, so that the same space can serve multiple purposes in the one day. It’s grown-up enough to be right at home in premium airport lounges, as a place to touch down with a laptop between flights, and yet it’s equally comfortable in design studios, as a surface for collaboration and creativity. Morse also fits right in in universities, as a table for research and learning.

Designed to be anything but prescriptive, this dexterous table encourages personal expression. Morse offers seemingly infinite possibilities when it comes to tabletop colour and series of unique accessories that resemble dots and dashes, giving this versatile table its name.

Designed for a sustainable future

Since NaughtOne’s beginning, they have always wanted to impact the world positively. They led the way in environmental certifications and designing and manufacturing sustainable products that meet the most rigorous industry standards for commercial interiors. They keep all production local in the UK, USA and Asia when possible, reducing carbon footprint and miles travelled.

When they’re thinking of new products, they begin at the end. They create everything in our range with its life cycle in mind. Designing for the future opens a world of possibilities for themus. NaughtOne proudly offer a take-back programme, allowing people to return a product to us, so they can recycle, upcycle and re-use materials. In 2021 they launched the Ever Sofa and Chair, their first product designed with the principles of circularity. They made it easy to service for remanufacturing or disassembling at the end of its life so they can properly recycle the materials. NaughtOne’s practices are constantly improving. They’re on their way and willing to go further.

With the launch of Morse They’ve continued to build on our sustainable design principles. Like all their new designs, it is built with longevity and with the end in mind. The timeless design, and highly adaptable/flexible system approach promotes extended use. The simple ‘kit of parts’ is a wonderful example of reductive use of materials which is easy to disassemble and recycle at the end of its life.

John Tree is a London-based designer with a focus on simplicity and economy. His award-winning designs reflect a deep understanding and engagement with the manufacturing process. John’s pared-back approach often reduces pieces to their essential elements, resulting in crafted yet industrial designs with a refined function and essential simplicity that seek to drive longevity.

With a background that includes working at both Sony and Jasper Morrison’s design offices, John established his own practice in 2016. His studio works with clients in the furniture, lighting, and electronics industries.

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