Lasvit: the magicians with molten glass

Glass separates your palms from your champagne, it lets your fingertips swipe through memories. It has the power to shape light, enable your eyes to observe atoms and stars. LASVIT has the utmost respect for the Czech glassmaking tradition, but also boundless optimism for modern technologies and cutting-edge design.

The company, who are members of the BCFA, are a creative hub of glassmaking talents, fresh ideas, and daring designs.

Design Insider Lasvit Glassmaking Heat

There’s an impressive history of glassmaking in Europe. While many glassmakers were forced to close down, the craftsmanship in Northern Bohemia is constantly thriving. The respected know-how has been handed down for over 1000 years in a region that can pride itself with the second longest history in the industry.

Students can become apprentices of the craft as soon as they turn fifteen years of age. All the special techniques, tricks and practices are handed down from the masters, together with the local identity. To get the magic just right, you need to grow up with it and practice your entire life. In the end you become the magic itself. 

Design Insider Lasvit Glassmaking mould

Glass is an honourable teacher and a shining celebrity at the same time.  Glassblowers have to master all its manners and handle it with respect. A sudden change of temperature may cause it to strain and crack. It´s not just about breathing life into a product, it´s also an exercise in dexterity, strength, patience, and precision.

Ever since 2007, LASVIT has been on a mission: to bring beauty, happiness, and a piece of the Bohemian soul to clients worldwide, and thus change the world for the better. Let LASVIT in, let the changes begin. You can see LASVIT’s creations come to life, such as the bestseller Neverending Glory Small.

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