LIMEKILN by Red Deer: A Blend of Heritage and Innovation in Sussex from the Creators of KIN House

The renowned international architecture and interiors practice Red Deer unveils its latest creation: LIMEKILN. Set in the picturesque Sussex countryside, LIMEKILN is a harmonious blend of nature and design, offering an unparalleled event space experience.

Building on the resounding success of the much-celebrated Kin House in Wiltshire, the visionary team behind this landmark venue has embarked on a new journey with the creation of LIMEKILN. LIMEKILN emerges as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and design, a hallmark that has earned Kin House its esteemed reputation.

Red Deer’s design for LIMEKILN reflects a deep respect for nature and local culture. Drawing inspiration from the Bloomsbury group’s artwork and Sussex’s rural architecture, the spaces are a testament to authentic refinement and thoughtful craftsmanship. This approach successfully realised in Kin House, is brought to life once again in LIMEKILN, using locally sourced materials and collaborating with local artisans to infuse each space with a sense of belonging and authenticity.

Architect Lionel Real de Azúa explains the design:

“We aimed to pay homage to the diverse English rural vernaculars, integrating barn-like architectural features while introducing domestic nuances unique to Sussex. This concept is enriched by influences from the Bloomsbury group, resonating with the cultural heritage of nearby Charleston House.”

At the core of Red Deer’s design ethos for LIMEKILN is the principle of authentic refinement. This is not luxury for luxury’s sake; it’s about creating luxurious environments in their simplicity, sustainability, and respect for the natural and cultural surroundings. Using locally sourced materials and collaborating with local artisans, Red Deer has infused each space within LIMEKILN with a sense of belonging and authenticity.

Exploring LIMEKILN’s Spaces

Each room in LIMEKILN tells its own story, reflecting Red Deer’s belief in the power of design to narrate and inspire. From the Kiln Bar’s hand-painted tiles to the Alder Room’s exposed beams, every design choice has been made to evoke emotions and create an unforgettable experience for guests.

Guests are welcomed inside Kiln Bar; a large central lounge with a showstopping floor-to-ceiling fireplace clad in individually hand-painted and fired tiles by bespoke ceramicist, Emma Louise Payne. Considered the heart of the lodge, the interior design features a large central bar, an open log fire, and a mix of antique furniture, combined with colourful Ceraudo armchairs, Nicola Harding sofas, and bespoke fabrics from Pierre Frey’s Le Manach Collection.

Next door, the Green Club contrasts to create a low-ceiling intimate speakeasy, combining opulent chandeliers, oak cobbled flooring, antique mirrored walls, and sumptuous velvet curtains. A space for after-hours drinks, cosy private dining, and a late-night dancing lounge.

For grander affairs, the Alder Room and Poplar Hall stand ready. These expansive spaces cater to diverse needs, from weddings to corporate events, featuring Sussex-inspired design elements and the capacity to host up to 300 guests.

The beautiful Poplar Hall can host up to 200 for a seated meal, and 300 for drinks receptions. It features elegant chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling metal doors, niches along the walls, and a striking bespoke hand-painted frieze, designed by Sussex-based artist Tess Newall.

Perfect for ceremonies and presentations, the Alder Room has a capacity for 140-person dining and 200 seated; showcasing a barn-inspired design, with exposed beams, herringbone flooring, and lightweight linen curtains to add a soft, romantic touch to the occasion.

The Apartment merges relaxation and functionality into a multi-level retreat. Ideal for pre-event preparation and as a creative workspace, it features a hair-washing station, a large bath and shower, and a cosy seating area complete with snack baskets and a drinks fridge. The décor includes ‘Morocco Salt’ peach tiles and linen pendant lights, while the upper level offers a versatile dressing and meeting space, stylish wallpaper, and a mahogany Rose window, offering views of the Sussex countryside. This space opens onto a central courtyard, perfect for enjoying the sun.

The Courtyard, a sun-drenched oasis, invites guests for alfresco dining and relaxation. Its striped sofas and bistro tables set amidst Sussex’s natural beauty provide an idyllic backdrop for memorable events.

Respecting the Past, Embracing the Future

In designing LIMEKILN, Red Deer has shown a profound respect for the past while boldly embracing the future. It is a testament to the continued excellence of the team behind Kin House, they have managed to preserve the essence of traditional Sussex architecture while infusing it with contemporary elements that speak to today’s discerning guests.

LIMEKILN, set to open in April 2024, is more than just an event space – it is a story of design meeting nature, an invitation to create unforgettable moments in the heart of Sussex. Red Deer’s visionary approach once again sets a new standard in bespoke event experiences.


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