Liso Collection Extended by The Isle Mill

BCFA member The Isle Mill’s signature Liso collection has grown from forty-nine to seventy-five colours; with forty-one brand new, compelling and vibrant shades.

The Isle Mill’s iconic, luxurious wool sateen boasts a new, inspirational and striking collection of bold colours: dusty pinks, warm reds, earthy greens, deep blues and sophisticated naturals. Liso offers an exquisite, beautiful sheen and softness that will create a dramatic statement in any interior.LISO 2 webMade from 100% pure wool, the safest choice for interiors, the Liso fabric is naturally durable and sustainable with an abrasion of 40,000 rubs; making it suitable for the home, office and beyond.

The dynamic selection of colours, beautiful sheen, softness and durability has made the Liso fabric a popular choice in a variety of functions and interiors. Our remarkable wool sateen is extremely versatile and is suitable for both upholstery and drapery.LISO1 webContact The Isle Mill

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