Lockers: 5 Reasons they boost wellbeing at work

Having somewhere to keep your personal belongings just gives us peace of mind.

Lockers could be the best way to boost wellbeing when it comes to the subject of personal space. Bisley recently participated in some research where they found out this was a key issue in office environments.

Enhancing the provision of individual storage is one simple way of giving employees what they need.

So here are Bisley’s top 5 reasons why lockers are the answer…

  1. Keep colleagues at bay
    In Bisley’s recent wellness at work research, they found that colleagues encroaching on personal space is the second biggest distraction in the workplace. Stop distraction creeping into frustration by giving everyone a place to keep magazines, pens and those 3pm emergency snacks. bisley lcokers research
  2. Create zones
    Nearly half of the survey respondents said their workplace does not enable them to be as productive as they can be. So why not experiment with re-configuring banks of lockers to create traffic barriers which make new working areas away from desk-based distractions.
  3. Respect personal space
    Sometimes we like to keep our distance; and our research showed a clear link between personal space and wellness at work. In an age of desk sharing, lockers can give employees a space to control and own; a little part of the office that is just theirs.
  4. Activate control
    Bisley asked survey respondents what they would change about their workplace storage. And they found that the act of consulting staff is a major differentiator between high and low performing companies. You might be surprised what you hear, wants could be as simple as a change in ownership or a little remodelling.bisley lcokers research 2
  5. Help people feel at home
    Workplace design impacts the decision to stay with an employer for nearly half of the survey respondents, so make the workplace work for employees. While you’re in the process of giving everyone access to a secure locker, make them look good. Use a mixture of colours and materials to reflect company culture and give employees the freedom to personalise with photos and internal accessories.

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