Manufacturing processes at Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets have allowed us to explore the whole process of creating their marvellous weaves. This BCFA member has answered our questions and even given us videos to show you how it is done!

Design Insider have asked Ulster Carpets about the four stages, which they have provided videos for: Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving and Finishing.

Would you describe Ulster’s manufacturing process as traditional or innovative? 

Ulster has always embraced innovation and had a strong history of development throughout our 80 year history.

For example, in the 1960s we launched our first 15ft wide axminster looms giving customers fewer seams. Then in the 1980s we introduced electronic jacquard looms offering unlimited pattern repeats, followed by our unique PSYLO™ weaving technology in the 1990s which enabled us to successfully revolutionise the carpet industry offering a greater choice of colours and design freedom. In 2009 we began to offer 5m wide woven wilton and most recently in 2017 our state of the art dyehouse and energy centre has transformed our dyeing process while improving energy efficiency and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

How was this process developed and how does it work? 

Our short process videos show some of the key processes involved in creating bespoke luxury carpets. In the weaving video you can see how our unique PSYLO™ weaving technology is a great example of innovation within Ulster Carpets. We developed PSYLO™ to help us overcome weaknesses of electronic jacquards, the traditional form of weaving, but importantly it heralded a new era in carpet manufacturing as we became able to offer more colours and create much more complicated carpet designs. This innovative technology has been highly successful for Ulster and was recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Do you think process innovation is continually needed? 

Yes, process innovation is continually needed. At Ulster Carpets we are dedicated to delivering luxury carpets for our clients. This has seen us develop our own technology and continuously improve our manufacturing processes so that we can provide more colours and more design freedom. Furthermore it is our commitment to growth and development that has allowed us to maintain manufacturing within the UK. 

Ulster Carpets have been weaving the finest quality axminster and wilton carpets at their Northern Ireland headquarters for over 75 years. Offering complete support in design, planning and execution of projects Ulster has installed carpet in some of the most prestigious hospitality locations around the world. Design Insider recently produced a Q&A with Designer Clare Jenkinson, who described their latest Watercolours.

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