Modern Metropolis by Decca London

Modern Metropolis is a 12-piece furniture collection being introduced by Decca London that was designed by Michael Kirkpatrick…

Clean, modern forms have been applied with a pallet of rich dark finished to create Modern Metropolis. This collection  is carefully crafted out of walnut and eucalyptus veneers, along with selective use of stainless steel accents giving each piece a glamorous and stand alone presence. Mod_Met_Dining_190002 webKirkpatrick is known for his unwavering attention to detail and he starts his design process by carefully thinking about how the materials chosen, form and function of the piece will work with one another, and how they’ll define the space they are used in.

Kirkpatrick on working with Decca said;

“Sourcing the finest materials. Utilising time-honoured furniture making techniques. Applying complex finishes. These principles have led to Decca’s recognition as one of the world’s finest furniture manufacturer’s. As a designer, their commitment to excellence provides me with the confidence to create cutting-edge designs.”

Mod_met_living_link webMichael Kirkpatrick served as Senior Design Director of Furniture for Polo Ralph Lauren, Inc. and as Furniture Designer for Calvin Klein, Inc. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).Modern_Met_Living_2_Neva_Shale webContact Decca LondonExplore DI Directory 1

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