Newmor’s 2024 Vision: Exploring the Six Dynamic Wallcovering Trends Transforming Hospitality and Commercial Spaces

Newmor Wallcoverings have unveiled their much-anticipated 2024 trends forecast. In this article we explore each of the six captivating themes, from the timeless sophistication of Grand Traditions to the unexplored allure of Uncharted Waters, the eco-conscious Green Fingers, the glorious fusion of Sugar & Spice, the sublime charm of Cotton Candy, to the bold expressions of Psychedelia — these trends encapsulate the diverse and evolving landscape of commercial and hospitality design, setting the stage for an exciting year of innovation and creativity.

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Grand Traditions

We embark on the 2024 trends journey with Grand Traditions – where elegance meets authenticity. Rose Campbell, Head of Design and Marketing at Newmor explains, “This trend allows us to immerse ourselves in timeless designs reflecting refined nostalgia. Crafted with utmost quality, these classic influences featuring oxblood, petrol, umber, gold, camel, and forest hues redefine luxe interiors”.

1. LyonLY13 2 .BloomingMarvelous-Flourish-Pastel 3. MarquetryMAR002 4. JohnMoris-Sofishticated-Slate 5. KensingtonKEN004 6. CararaCAR006 7. Trompl’oeil-Chateau

Designs in this trend include, Lyon an elegant vertical silk, the beautifully drawn bouquet from Blooming Marvellous, the artisan craft captured in Marquetry, their quirky Sofishticated design which celebrates Britain’s love of angling, Newmor’s classic Kensington damask, the authentic beauty of Carrara marble, and the timeless panel effect of Tromp l’oeil.

Uncharted Waters

Next, we dive into Newmor’s Uncharted Waters trend, a captivating exploration of design inspired by seascapes and skies. This trend seamlessly blends translucent elements, reminiscent of the sky’s ever-changing hues, with innovative design concepts. Balancing ombre gradients of aqua, stone, powder blue, navy, with accents of chocolate, tan, and lavender.

1. Tussah TUS012 2. Harmony Azurite 8492-HM 3. Raw surfaces marble mint 4. Sanctuary Oceana 5. Watercolours – Watercolour Geo – Petrol 6. Blooming Marvellous Ombre – Ultra Violet 7. Linzor LNZ06

Rose Campbell takes us through the designs which best reflect this trend, “Uncharted Waters takes a fresh approach on how we can incorporate biophilic elements into interiors. Designs in this trend include the seascape of Sanctuary Oceana, the translucent effect of Watercolours Geometric that gently fades from dark to light, Harmony Azurite where hints of mica shine through the natural agate design, and Raw Surfaces Marble which captures the beauty and nuances of natural stone”.

Green Fingers

Newmor Wallcoverings’ Green Fingers Trend is a protopian celebration of organic design. This trend immerses us in a tapestry of natural textures providing a sanctuary where a palette of khaki, green tea, olive, sand, taupe, umber, and forest hues come together. Rose Campbell said, “Our Green Fingers trend combines the aesthetics of the natural world with a sensory experience, evoking a nurturing sense of tranquillity. Our aim was the blend the beauty and richness that nature provides in contemporary wallcovering designs”.

1.Twee lTWE006 2.Batik BAT003 3.Bali BALI04 4.Rafia RAF006 5.Leaves LVS006 6.John Morris – Glyn Cottage – Sage 7.Piazza PIA008

Designs in this trend include, the hand-dyed fabric effect of Newmor’s Batik design, the large-scale skeletal Leaves pattern, Bali the soft palm printed on a hessian texture, and Raffia which captures the essence of ancient weaving craft.

Sugar & Spice

Newmor’s Sugar and Spice Trend is a celebration of warmth and creativity. Energizing and optimistic, this trend brings a grounding and empowering essence to interiors. With lacquered and textured designs in earthy terracotta, scarlet, tangerine, mustard, and umber tones, spaces are transformed into hubs of inspiration. Designs in this trend truly do spark a creative flame, through their unique blend of optimism and vibrancy.

1.Fine Linen FL010 2.Nomad – Palm – Copper 3.Augustus Kotei – Staying Strong 4.Oxford OXF008 5.Blooming Marvellous – Ombre – Sunrise 6.Ptolemy Mann – Ikat Grade Gold 7.Tanner TAN007

Rose Campbell highlights her some of her favourite designs, “For me the designs which amplify the richness of this trend include, Staying Strong by designer Augustus Kotei, the empowering qualities of Ombre Sunrise, the stunning Ikat Grade created by designer Ptolemy Mann, and the supersized Nomad palm”. 

Cotton Candy

The fifth trend in Newmor’s forecast takes us to the enchanting world of Cotton Candy, where freshness and innovation collide in a palette of clean, pastel hues. Rose Campbell explains, “This trend epitomises simplicity with a touch of futuristic flair. Soft, rounded shapes in pale grey and delicate tones evoke a sense of serenity in a sustainable and tech-savvy form. The colour palette is a fusion of neon, citrus, and muted pastels, to create designs with a contemporary vibe”.

1.Jakar JAK003 2.Art Deco – Deco Arches – Powder 3.Leigh Bagley – KEF – Yelow 4.Industrialis –  Rosa 5.Mid-Century Modern – Terrazzo – Mint 6.Sanctuary – Nimbus 7.Isometric – Shade ISHA01

Newmor designs that encapsulate the Cotton Candy trend include, the ethereal clouds of Nimbus from their Sanctuary Collection, Rosa the beautiful tea rose design in Industrialis, the mid-century modern Terrazzo design, the geometric wave design of Isometric Shade, the elegant Art Deco Arches, and KEF the geometric design by Leigh Bagley.


The last trend in Newmor’s 2024 forecast is a celebration of free-spirited, imaginative design. Newmor’s Psychedelia Trend invites us to explore immersive and otherworldly atmospheres, where artistic expressions take centre stage. From light to dark, the futuristic and edgy elements Psychedelia incorporates saturated hues, neon accents, vivid brights, and the boldness of absolute black. This trend channels an imaginative and atmospheric energy.

1. Matrix MX1511 2. Patternistas Weekend Midnight 3. Geometric Triangles Vibrant 4. Isometric Origami IORI03 5. Iona Crawford Tropics 6. Get Arty Bushstrokes 7. Tesselo TES001

Rose Campbell reviews the designs that perfectly encapsulate this psychedelic trend, “The wallcoverings feature a vibrant interplay of colours and patterns to add a touch of the extraordinary to commercial spaces. Designs vary from the geometric lines of Triangles and Isometric Origami, to Tropics a large-scale hand painted leaf design by Iona Crawford and Weekend a symmetrical design also nature inspired by the Patternistas. Not forgetting the Brush Strokes design from our Get Arty Collection”.

Each of their 2024 Trends is a testament to Newmor’s commitment to innovation and creativity. The carefully curated collections, blend sophistication, sustainability, and artistic expression. Explore the Newmor Wallcoverings 2024 Trends Forecast in their latest look-book here.

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