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AirWave is a new modular seating solution that can incorporate wireless charging for mobiles, USB ports and UKF power sockets for other devices. Launched by the furniture supplier Protocol, AirWave’s design embraces the balance between style, comfort and versatility and can be configured for use in all contract environments.

AirWave by Protocol incorporates low, medium and high back chairs with short, medium and long wave configurations. Seating variations including ottomans and benches can be arranged in linear or curved series, followed by configurations of single and double seats that offer privacy and comfort.

Design Insider Protocol Airwave Modular

Designer of AirWave, Charles Godbout, has steadily built a solid reputation as a prolific, creative, highly-skilled designer. For him industrial design is, first and foremost, a tremendous tool to serve both human needs and everyday life. Never sacrificing important ergonomic and functional aspects, his achievements are marked by clean lines and are recognized for their pure aesthetics, their elegance and their modernity.

AirWave is designed to help create a selection of spaces to include collaborative working, casual meetings, breakout areas and private pods. The rise in activity-based working gives individuals an empowering choice through the ability to select the surrounding that best suits their needs. Enabling choice for the task at hand makes working more effective, efficient and enjoyable, boosting personal wellness and encouraging productivity.

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The incorporation of Aircharge and USB power into the AirWave system allows for easy recharging of mobiles and other devices. Aircharge can be built into the AirWave side tables, providing convenient charging to Qi enabled mobiles without the need for a cable. The device is simply placed onto the Aircharge unit and can be left whilst working or relaxing in AirWave.

Proton provides AC power and USB ‘fast-charging’ in its simplest form, presenting a single or double outlet which can be panel mounted into the AirWave seats. The new USB Type C connectors adopted by all the major manufacturers of mobile devices can also be integrated to enable significantly faster charging.

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AirWave gives the flexibility to be configured to any design required, providing a stylish and innovative seating solution to hotel lobbies, corporate offices, universities and public lounges. Does this product suit your project? You can contact Protocol now. Alternatively, you can browse Design Insider for their latest projects – such as 11 Portland Street.

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