Q&A: Delius Textiles

Fitting beautifully with this month’s Heritage theme, BCFA member Delius is showing creativity and a spirit of innovation as there is no other material on the market as yet with such flame retardant properties. A remarkable knitting series featuring a three-dimensional pattern is joining the Delius product line. Sylke Mikolajczak answers some of Design Insider’s questions in regards to the beautiful designs.

The articles Drop, Flux and Haze differ from classic upholstery fabrics by the interaction of an innovative knitting technology with a soft weft. This combination gives extra volume to the material. Drop, Flux and Haze are available in 8 different colourways; natural colours are central to these particular designs. Colourcontrasting stitches underline the three dimensional pattern.

Delius_Showroom_Miko_2What is the most interesting fact about your company? A little bit about yourself?

The company Delius as a textile manufacturer has a very long tradition. It was founded in 1722 and has been involved with textiles ever since. Our textile know-how is therefore unlimited and our passion for textile furnishings is great. A few years ago we completely focused on the contract business and today we only offer permanently flame-retardant fabrics for hotels, ships, offices and theatres all over the world. Our product range includes decoration fabrics, sheers, darkening fabrics, upholstery fabrics and wall coverings.

Where would you most likely see this fabric being used?
The knitwear for seating furniture with curves and organic shapes is particularly beautiful, as the elastic fabric can adapt perfectly. But it is also very suitable for bedheads and bed runners in hotels.

Design Insider Delius 3d Fabrics Pile

What makes your fabric flame-retardant?
We exclusively use Trevira CS brand yarns or Polyester FR. These yarns are always flame retardant. Many companies also work with treatments to reach the flame retardancy. However, these wash out after a few washes. This cannot happen with our fabrics, where the flame-retardant properties are inherent in the yarn.

Stretch yarn and weft filling are made out of high-grade Trevira CS which easily meets all European fire protection standards. This flame retardent variation of a knitted fabric is an innovation in the market. Due to its stretch and softness the material is a perfect upholstery fabric but can also be used for headboards, bed surroundings, decorative blankets, poufs as well as small furniture.

Design Insider Delius 3d Hocker

Why is it so important that the product meets all European fire protection standards?
We work internationally. Fabrics are often specified in London and ultimately installed in a hotel in Dubai. Since each country has its own testing standards, our fabrics must also meet as many standards as possible.

With up to 60.000 martindale it can even resist the hardest conditions in hotels or public buildings. The multiaxial elasticity makes the upholstery of difficult forms simple. The knitted fabric can easily be put on roundings; it requires fewer seams. In addition, the volume and elasticity of the fabric are creating a high seating comfort as the material ergonomically adapts to the body. A high air circulation within the material absorbs moisture and increases the feeling of well-being.

Design Insider Delius 3d Flux

What makes your flame retardant range innovative?
The appearance of 3D knitwear is not entirely new on the market. What is special, however, is that this material is flame-retardant. In order to achieve the desired look, a filling shot is used. This filling shot is also made of Trevira CS, which makes the articles Drop, Haze and Flux so special.

Where can our readers find your products?
With us and our interior decorators. Simply send an e-mail to contract@deliustextiles.de and we will tell you where you can find our fabrics.

Design Insider Delius 3d Fabrics
This is not the first time Delius has created high performance fabric – why not read more about it on Design Insider? The company has a strong reputation throughout the world for innovation and best performance products without compromising on style.

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